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Profile picture of MllePHX

MllePHX answered a question 2 days, 8 hours ago

Chronic migraine ruined my ability to work; it ruined my life as I knew it. My career path was totally destroyed by a socially unaccepted disease and socially stigmatized medications.
And why should any employer invest time and money in an employee who is unreliable?
In the years leading up to onset of chronic migraine, I worked through…

Profile picture of Theresa

Theresa commented on the post, What’s Your Secret: How To Express You’re In Pain Without Sounding Like You’re A Complainer? 3 days, 21 hours ago

I personally get fed up with professionals who don’t understand my pain or who try to diminish my pain but saying, it’s not that bad.
Or when you are puking over and over and they say, wellbit coud be the flu rather than a migraine. Or maybe you need to have an orgasm, that might help.
Listen healthcare professional, how bout I hit you in the…

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