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Profile picture of glassmind

glassmind commented on the post, 3 Of My Wackiest Migraine Triggers 3 days, 12 hours ago

Wacky? These are all triggers for me. The last three movies I attended lead to migraine regardell of seat. Extreme heat will do it (dry 115+ Humid 100+). And all cardio lasting more than 5min. Cardiologist told me to do burst training only. Wacky? Normal for me. Once I could handle these things. Now all triggers.

Profile picture of deedeevee1

deedeevee1 commented a story 1 week ago

Hang in there hun!! Been there done that have the t-shirt too!! Lol. When I first became ill with chronic migraine disease I was referred to what I was told, was the best, Neuro, in the network. His name was on the practice, I thought finally I was going to get some answers and some much much needed relief.
This man didn’t listen to a word I…

Profile picture of Derek

Derek commented on the post, Stigma for an Invisible Disease 1 week ago

See, I’ve come around to a different way of thinking about this. I actually do wish people that are ignorant to me about my illness or are dismissive of it would get one attack. Just the one, because that would be enough to have their eyes opened to what we go through, and why their remarks, or inability to accept are so hurtful.

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