Holly Baddour

About Holly Baddour

Born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC, Holly majored in dance in college and also played in several bands and toured the country as a singer. Migraines started for Holly at the age of 6 and ramped up in frequency and severity in her 30’s. She recently took a break from working in order to better focus on her health and raising her two teenage sons. She enjoys taking walks and is obsessed with cooking.

By Holly Baddour - January 18, 2018
Surf’s up Riding a wave toward the shore, the power of the ocean is underneath me. I see the horizon in the distance. My heartbeat is steady as everything is working perfectly.... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - December 14, 2017
I’ve been doing it for years: canceling get-togethers with friends and family; missing important events; putting off work projects; avoiding going outside. Putting plans on hold and waiting for the pain to... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - October 23, 2017
For many, tightness in the neck can be the first sign that a migraine attack is coming; for others, sore muscles in the neck and shoulders can be a trigger. In an... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - August 17, 2017
“How do I feel today?” That’s the question that our lives often revolve around if we have chronic migraine. Sometimes even more precise: “How do I feel right now?” However it is... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - July 20, 2017
In my experience, people generally respond to migraines with two different extreme emotions: sadness or anger. Which are you? This challenging condition is hard on us all. We experience debilitating pain and correlating... READ MORE