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Born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC, Holly majored in dance in college and also played in several bands and toured the country as a singer. Migraines started for Holly at the age of 6 and ramped up in frequency and severity in her 30’s. She recently took a break from working in order to better focus on her health and raising her two teenage sons. She enjoys taking walks and is obsessed with cooking.

By Holly Baddour - April 19, 2017
Chronic migraine has a way of aging us early such that young people are living like senior citizens. How do we handle feeling as if we are decades older than we actually are? Are there... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - March 24, 2017
It’s an odd moment in life when you find yourself hoping for a nose tumor. A few years ago, when migraines had derailed my working life and I was spending most of... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - March 3, 2017
With Valentine’s Day just passed, I wonder how many people with chronic migraines tried desperately to have dates with their spouses or partners. Perhaps plans were made and reservations were set.  But,... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - February 10, 2017
anthropomorphism definition. (an-thruh-puh-mawr-fiz-uhm) The attributing of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects, animals, plants, or other natural phenomena, or to God. Do you ever feel as if your migraines are a living,... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - January 5, 2017
If some migraine triggers are potentially avoidable (lights, sounds, smells, food, drinks, the weather, hormones, stress), are we to blame for our attacks if we knowingly expose ourselves to them?  And, if... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - December 15, 2016
The impact of the full moon on migraines, while not properly or thoroughly researched, is one that is generally accepted within the patient community. I have certainly noticed that the full moon... READ MORE