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Tammy’s first experience with Migraine started in 1975. Currently disabled by multiple pain conditions, Tammy still uses her expertise to help others. She holds a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and is a skilled Herbalist and Reiki Master. She shares her extensive experience in both conventional and complementary medicine here at Migraine.com and on her own blog, Brain Storm.

By Tammy Rome - December 30, 2016
Sometimes trying to get other people to understand life with migraine feels like a losing proposition. The cry of exasperation, “No one understands if they don’t have migraine!” is all too common.... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - December 14, 2016
A recent study published in Cephalalgia examined the long-term outcomes for patients undergoing medication withdrawal therapy to treat both Chronic Migraine and Chronic Tension-Type Headache.  They found that most patients who initially... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - December 2, 2016
I had a lot of unrealistic fears that kept me from seeking help for migraine. Those fears prevented me from accessing the very treatments that could have offered relief. If I had... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - November 27, 2016
You’ve heard how severe “ice pick headaches” can be. There are other primary headache disorders that resemble Primary Stabbing Headache, with a few differences. These disorders fall into the category of Trigeminal... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - November 21, 2016
Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who speaks another language? It can be frustrating, painfully slow, and rife with misunderstanding. Without an interpreter, pointing and hand gestures will only get... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - November 13, 2016
While Migraine may be the most common headache disorder, it is certainly not the only one to produce strange symptoms. Although rare, Nummular Headache has some pretty odd symptoms, too. People affected... READ MORE