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Bookshop owner & migraineur Janet "The Migraine Girl" Geddis moved around a bit in her early 20s before deciding to make Athens, Georgia her home

By The Migraine Girl - September 18, 2006
In her essay “In Bed,” famous migraineur Joan Didion mentions how fortunate she is to have a husband who is also a Migraine sufferer. Don’t get me wrong here: she’s not grateful... READ MORE

By The Migraine Girl - March 13, 2006
Lately I’ve been getting a whole lot of sleep, and I’ve certainly been keeping hours that are at odds with the normal person’s schedule. Staying up until at least 3 AM each... READ MORE

By The Migraine Girl - February 20, 2006
A candle that smells good to most people. A blossoming tree that everyone else wants to sniff. Perfume that your friend wears one teensy spray of. Very diluted bleach you use to... READ MORE