12 Last Minute Gift Ideas under $20 for the Migraineur in Your Life

Do you have a friend or family member who suffers from Migraines? Need some last minute gift ideas? Here’s a list of things that I use regularly when I’m suffering. The majority of these items can be found at your local drug store. Grab a few of these, put them in a nice basket or in a new overnight bag, or throw some in a stocking. While these may seem like small items, having an arsenal of these is clutch during a Migraine. The Migraineur in your life will be ecstatic!

Heating Pad, Cost: $10-20. These can get worn out very easily by anyone who has Migraines. Our muscles tighten up and the heat can be very soothing. Find one that has different settings and also has an automatic shut-off in case we fall asleep using it.

Thermacare Heat Wraps, Cost $8 for a three pack (less for generic). These are like heating pads on-the-go. The ones for the neck and shoulders are key. Most of us experience pain in this area during an attack. Heat wraps are very convenient as they can be stashed in a purse, car or around the house. They activate when you open the pack and last for about 8 hours. If you go to their website, you can get a $1 off coupon for a pack of 3.

Bed Buddy, Cost $10-$15. This item can be found at most drug stores. It looks like a long sock with 2 handles on the end that is filled with beads. The Bed Buddy allows you to either put it in the freezer or heat it up in the microwave. It’s great to drape around your neck or over your forehead. Eventually it will return to room temperature, but can be used over and over again.

Tiger Balm, Cost $8. Tiger Balm is similar to Ben Gay in that it is a topical salve that is applied to aching muscles. It does have a strong odor. Some Migraineurs love it because it helps block out other scent triggers, but others may be sensitive to the smell.

Essential Oils, Cost $5-$20. You may need to visit a Natural Foods store (like Whole Foods) to find these. Lavender is great to help you sleep and Peppermint can be used to soothe muscles. Migraineurs can use the oil straight from the bottle to apply on the needed areas or you could buy a diffuser so that an entire room smells of the oil. Again, if your Migraineur is super sensitive to smell, make sure they have used these in the past.

Water Bottle, Cost $8-$20. We often forget to hydrate enough throughout the day, which can cause Migraines if we get too dehydrated. Having a new water bottle will remind us we need to drink more water! I love my Camelback water bottle (about $20 at Target). They come in great colors.

Blanket, Cost $10-$50. During a Migraine, we spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch. A new super comfy blanket will get used often!

Pillow, Cost $20-$100. While you’re at it, a new pillow might be nice too. Whether for the bed or for the couch, a great pillow will make any Migraineur happy. Also consider the Chillow (a cooling pad placed inside a pillow case) or an ergonomic pillow like one with memory foam or a more expensive one from Tempurpedic (about $100).

Cooling Gel Eye Mask, Cost $10-$20. During a Migraine attack, all we want is a dark room. Eye masks are great to stop light from creeping into our rooms. An eye mask that has cooling gel provides double duty by providing a soothing coolness on our face.

Sunglasses, Cost $10 for the cheap kind. I personally lose or break sunglasses all the time. But I have a lot of them stashed around the house and in the car. Sunlight or even fluorescent lighting can be a huge Migraine trigger. Having extras around can be clutch during an attack. Find the darkest tint you can.  You can opt for more expensive ones like Theraspecs or Axions that are specifically made for Migraine patients.

Pill Box, Cost $5-$20. Sadly most of us have a lot of pills we use to prevent or abort an attack. A fun new pill box will help us organize our life and keep us on track with our meds. Travel sized pill boxes are a bonus!

Gift Certificate for Food Delivery, Cost $20-$100. During long stretches of Migraine filled days, it is a daunting task to have to go to the grocery store or even ask someone to do it for us. Grocery delivery services like Peapod from Giant, Instacart or Seamless are an amazing way to get food delivered without feeling like we are burdening others when we are in need.

Share this list with your friends and family this holiday season. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know what helps you during an attack!

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