21 Super *Kool* Things about Chronic Migraine

It’s true there are still people around me that don’t understand what my life is actually like with chronic Migraine. I’ve been chronic since the mid ‘90’s so I’ve pretty much given up trying to make the leopard change its spots. So I go with it.

Every once in a while I get a little cheeky. Today is one of those days.

Because of chronic Migraine:

  1. I’m super popular and easy to find. I’m always with a doctor, or at home. This puts me at the top of everyone’s “Emergency Contact” list.
  2. I’m skinny. I’m teased mercilessly, but all of that fun diarrhea, nausea and vomiting keeps me the envy of all those healthy people around me who have choices.
  3. I know the difference between “happy” and “healthy”. The first I consciously practice, the second I pray for.
  4. I am thankful for everyday things others take for granted. I learned this after losing most of these everyday things.
  5. My work ethic is unbeatable. My never ending task is to work every moment of every day at being as normal as I can be no matter how exhausted I might become. Everything else is a piece of cake. EVERYTHING.
  6. I never have to make my bed. I’m usually in it.
  7. I am a pop whiz. I can amaze others with my ability to recognize even obscure actors and actresses by their voices, and can quote movie scenes in verbatim. This is the result of spending years listening to the same movies over and over and over again as I try to divert my mind from my pain.
  8. My electric bill is cheap. Keeping the lights off due to constant light sensitivity will do that.
  9. I am very respectful. Experiencing frequent disrespect by normally intelligent people teaches the importance of showing respect to everyone.
  10. I’m smarter than my doctors. They keep telling me “I don’t know”.
  11. My car will live forever. It rarely leaves my driveway and has maintained its gorgeous good looks and value throughout the years.
  12. I am stylish. I have an awesome pajama/sweats wardrobe. I rarely get dressed in anything else because I rarely go anywhere or see anyone.
  13. I can speak in tongues. When aphasia hits, no one understands what I’m trying to say but me.
  14. I am very good at quickly prioritizing the important things in my life. This is the result of years of practice making difficult choices.
  15. I have a near encyclopedic knowledge of treatments, triggers, causes, medications and health conditions because there are so many strangers, friends and family eager to share their theories about something they read or heard is sure to cure me.
  16. I am easily amused. It takes a lot less to make me smile, laugh, or appreciate something. When the lows are so low, even a little high seems big.
  17. I am the most patient person you will probably ever meet. Being chronically ill requires buckets of patience. It means living through today moment by moment to get to tomorrow, and then putting 95% of our lives on hold. I’ve been doing this a long time. I am very good at it.
  18. I have humility. Listening to others talk about you when they think you can’t hear is helpful in reducing all existing dignity.
  19. I rock at conversation. When prodrome makes me forget what I’m talking about I can change the direction of conversation on a dime.
  20. I have real live superpowers. This includes super sensitive eyesight, hearing, smell and taste. My skin is so sensitive I can feel a door open across a room.
  21. Love is here and is the reason I survive chronic Migraine.

These are also awesome comebacks in fun party situations or when conversing with someone truly annoying. LOL.

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