3-D movies and the headaches & migraines they can trigger

I don’t like sitting too close to the movie screen, and I often have to close my eyes during rapid-fire shots in action movies. (I say that as if I watch action movies regularly—that is far from the case! When I do agree to watch one with Jim, I end up closing my eyes and/or covering my ears during the “thrilling” action sequences.)

The quickly-shifting frames result in a strobe effect, and we all know that I don’t like certain lighting effects—strobes can be a migraine trigger.

Though I’ve not seen many 3-D movies, excluding the multiple viewings of the amazing flicks they’ve shown at Disney World over the years (notably the Muppet 3-D adventure and the 1980s hippie flick where the kids blow dandelions at the audience), I find that I’m not that interested in them.

Putting on those glasses and watching the screen for more than a few minutes at a time makes me disconcerted and almost dizzy. Some folks have commented that the new 3-D technology has made it so the effects are easy on the eyes, but I haven’t had such a great experience with the fancy new special effects. Lawd knows I ain’t buying a 3-D TV any time soon!

So you can imagine that this article from NPR was pretty intriguing to me: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2011/07/26/138705105/3-d-and-headaches-why-avatar-made-me-sick?sc=fb&cc=fp

What has your experience been with 3-D films? Do they cause headaches or trigger migraines for you? Have you noticed any issues watching TV or using the computer before or during a migraine attack?

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