Migraine.com Celebrates Our 5th Anniversary

Celebrating 5 Years of Community at Migraine.com

Welcome to Migraine.com's 5 Year Anniversary!

To start, we'd like to highlight and publicly thank our amazing group of contributors and moderators - you can learn more about them here!

We're humbled and honored to be part of the lives of so many people working to live life with migraine. Here are just a few of the accomplishments garnered on our quest to provide information and connection to our Migraine.com community:

  • More than 12 million unique visits to the Migraine.com site, 75% of whom return to the site
  • Over 105,000 Facebook page likes and over 500,000 people reached via social media each week (a great way to spread migraine awareness!)
  • 3,350 original articles, on which there are approximately 24,000 comments
  • In our polls, there have been 1,467,238 votes casted and 1,128,052 total voters
  • Thousands of you participated in unique research ranging from the annual Migraine In America surveys to research published in peer-reviewed journals - focusing on Quality of Life impact and even alerting behavior from pets!

Speaking of YOU - we could never do what we do without the incredible community members who make Migraine.com the lively, caring place that it is. Thank you for your continued participation in surveys! Thank you to everyone who shared a personal story! Lastly, thank you to each of you who make up our very special Migraine.com community and Facebook page! Your reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and participation has made such an impact on us and on the community as a whole as we continue to grow.

As a way to thank you for making the Migraine.com community so vibrant, we'd like to offer a special gift to commemorate this occasion with our community. Please comment below for a chance to be randomly selected to win a gift - you can comment on any of the following ideas, or one of your own!

What have you learned from contributors and members at Migraine.com? Have you made any impactful changes in migraine management since finding the community? Have you taken a greater role in advocacy, educating friends and family about the realities of life with migraine?

Please share in the comments below - 20 people will be randomly selected from the comments on January 15th to receive our 5 year anniversary gift!

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