9 days and counting

Excuse me if I sicken you with my sickly sweet view of the world again, but I'm feeling great! The past few days I have been staying at my friends' new house in Atlanta, and I've been overexposed to triggers that usually work on me like clockwork, causing me to pop a few triptans in order to function.

Here are the things that usually tip me over the edge, especially over Christmas:

  • drinking a fair bit of alcohol (two nights in a row, at that!)
  • sleeping in a place where cats might jump on you and meow in the middle of the night
    slight cat allergies (sad.)
  • changing weather patterns (sunny to cloudy, cloudy to rainy, rainy to soaked, creepily warm to freezing)
  • interrupted/disrupted sleep (2:30 AM bedtime one night, 4:45 AM the next, 11:45 PM the next)
    driving in the car in unfamiliar, trafficky areas
  • having my period
  • exposure to fluorescent lights
  • exposure to cigarette smoke
  • loud music

In the last four days, I have experienced inordinate amounts of the above-listed triggers and am still alive to tell the tale. Nine days without the need to take a Relpax or Maxalt - and on those days I've felt really good, not half-blah as I often do on my non-migraine days.

Of course I'm hesitant to chalk it all up to the 4-6 weeks of regular exercise, but I do think that's the key player in this equation. Add that to the fact that I am hopeful--truly hopeful!--about my chances of operating like a normal human being again and you get one optimistic, good-feelin' girl.

Merry Christmas. I hope my next post is just as pain-free, and I wish you all happy, HEALTHY holidays!

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