A favor to ask

Friends and fellow health bloggers,

As many of you know, I'm opening a bookstore this year in Athens, GA. Deciding to start my own business was not a choice I made lightly--every step of the way, I had to guess at how every aspect of business ownership would affect my health. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to move full speed ahead. Once we open our doors to the public toward the end of this year, I will make sure I have a plan in place for when I'm too ill to be at the store. (To start, I'm setting some rules for myself, including a rule that I can't work more than X hours per week, no matter how much there is to do. Health comes first.) Thankfully, working on my business plans each and every day has improved my life and given me more focus, something I really needed. I have more of a routine now that I'm working multiple jobs (freelance work, babysitting, medical document editing, and the as-yet-unpaid bookstore work!). I'm thrilled about my new business and the feedback I've gotten from friends, family, colleagues, and the community at large.

Now's when I ask for a couple minutes of your time. Please visit my bookstore blog and see how you can help me get this project to the next level through free clicks, small (we're talking a $1 minimum!) donations, and even formal investments.

If you've only got a second, just click here to vote for us in the Pepsi Refresh Everything project, and spread the word. You can vote daily!

Many of you out there have your own Facebook pages, your own blogs, your own businesses. Would you consider posting the link to my Pepsi Refresh Project so your friends and customers can vote, too? I'd be most grateful.

Thanks to Eileen Gray and Teri Robert, who are already helping out.

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