A migraine I can take, but give me a cold and I'm a big baby

Last updated: October 2012

Y’all, I am such a baby when it comes to being sick with the cold or flu. Migraine attacks I can take--though those can sometimes knock me out for days at a time, I am so accustomed to them that I don’t whine all that much. I’ve blogged about this before and think about it a lot.

I woke with a cold yesterday morning. I felt fine enough to spend the day in Atlanta with a friend. Once I was in the car and on my way, I didn’t think about my cold again until I was on the way back home in the dark, getting sleepy and realizing just how much work I had ahead of me this week. It’s as if the mere thought of my to-do list made me sick again. I had some tea before bed and curled up well before midnight.

Today I woke up with my head even stuffier and my nose all drippy and gross. I immediately began to whine.

“I still have a coooolld,” I whined before climbing out of bed, not considering that Jim was still mostly asleep and probably didn’t want the first sound he heard all day to be my complaining. I coughed for effect even though my throat felt okay. Ugh, I thought. How can I possibly go into work today?

But then I stood up and started my day. By the time I was in the shower, I was singing songs and planning that day’s schedule in my mind. I felt fine.

Hours later I’m back home for a few hours before I have to go back to work and then to a neighborhood meeting at night. And I’m sniffling and stuffy-headed and feeling sorry for myself again. Now that I’ve lost focus on the day’s work it’s hard to re-motivate and see that this is a sickness I can totally power through without pause. (Seriously, y’all, this is one of the mildest colds I’ve ever gotten).

I am no good at having a cold. Wah. Boo hoo. (And by the way, migraine gods: that does NOT mean you need to come attack me to put me in my place!)

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