Announcing Miles for Migraine In Your Town

Miles for Migraine is 501c3 nonprofit who produces races in support of migraine and headache awareness (usually a 5K/10K Run and 2-Mile Walk). Our Race Series was launched in San Francisco in 2008 and ever since then we’ve received emails and Facebook posts from supporters saying, "I would like to have a Miles for Migraine run in my town." We’re proud to announce that we’ve begun to expand our Race Series – and awareness – throughout the country.

We know that one must walk before they can run, so this fall we are launching a program called "Miles for Migraine In Your Town". It is available to anyone, migraineur or not, who wants to train for a run in their community and use their participation to create awareness while raising funds for treatment and research. We hope that you'll tell your fiends and family members that this is another way to support you and raise larger awareness for migraine and headache disorders. Miles for Migraine will provide a dedicated Facebook Group  weekly training tips, cool swag to wear during the run and connections to other runners and organizations in the area. We can also help anyone that is interested in creating a run in their city or town that is solely dedicated to raising awareness and funding for the life-altering disorders. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to a local or national migraine or headache clinic, with the remaining proceeds re-invested in the expansion of our Race Series. We are currently reviewing a handful of locations outside of the Bay Area for 2014 expansion.  Contact us if interested in a Miles for Migraine In Your Town.

We recognize that there are many amazing organizations and individuals dedicated to patient information on migraine prevention, treatment and support and we applaud them. Our goal is not to duplicate the amazing efforts being accomplished by the likes of the American Headache SocietyNational Headache Foundation and Migraine Research Foundation, to name a few - but rather work together to join a larger community dedicated to the same mission.

Please join us to amplify the message about migraine and headache disorders through Miles for Migraine In Your Town. Learn what we have to offer, contact us for more information, spread the word to non-migraineurs in your life, and participate if you are able. Together, we can raise awareness and decrease the stigma of migraine.

About Miles for Migraine:

In 2007 our founder Eileen Jones RN, a lifetime chronic migraine sufferer, along with a group of doctors, scientists, and patient advocates went to Congress to plead their case for increased NIH migraine or headache disorder research funding. Congress told this group, now the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, that to receive more funding they would have to raise "big noise" in their own communities.  When considering this message Eileen noted that race events, such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Team in Training program, were getting the attention of large populations in the community, not to mention the media -- and she wanted to emulate this success on behalf of migraineurs.  She therefore started, and initially self funded, the Miles for Migraine Race Series. Our signature event, the Miles for Migraine 5K/10K run and 2-Mile walk, kicked off in San Francisco in 2008. We have produced a race each year in support of our mission, and in 2012 expanded to an event in the Silicon Valley. We have donated $20,000 to the UCSF Headache Center, which is led by Dr. Peter Goadsby who also sits on Miles for Migraine's Board of Directors since 2008.

Miles for Migraine is dedicated to raising awareness and funding for migraine as well as other headache disorders.

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