An automatic fragrance spray, or THE MIGRAINE MACHINE

I’m at a friend’s house, hanging out with her pups while she’s out for the evening.  I ADORE my friend and am thrilled that she is back in town after a few years gone—already it’d be great for her to be in town, but she’s across the street from Jim and me. It’s pretty rad, let me tell you.

What I’m not thrilled about is this sneaky little thing that just happened. If she knew that I was reacting so badly to something in her house, she’d feel awful.

My plan was to come over here around 8:00 pm, let the dogs out for a potty break, and then come back inside to do some writing for a bit.  Jim’s having band practice at our house, so I thought it’d be nice to hang out with the dogs while getting some work done.

I sat down on the couch, and the larger dog cuddled up on the adjoining seat.  The tiny dog is quite cat-like and jumped on my lap, not seeming to be able to get close enough. I felt so cozy and great.


What was that? I wondered.  A strange little noise by the window.  The dogs didn’t seem spooked, so I ignored it.

I went to turn down the radio a little and caught a whiff of an unfamiliar perfumeshe got a new candle, I thought.  I’ll steer clear of this part of the room. I considered sniffing around to figure out where the smell was coming from so I could isolate it and put it outside, but I noticed it was in a certain part of the room, and I didn’t want to aggravate my head by sniffing it out too aggressively. I figured I’d just stay far away from it.


There went that noise again. What in the world?  I looked around the window and wall where I heard the noise.  Maybe there was an animal in the garage or something.  Hmm.

Oh man.  That smell was really starting to smell strong.  I thought it might be time to head back home and try to work despite the rock band practice in my house.  Loud music can be a trigger sometimes, but Jim has noise-reducing headphones I can use, and noise SURE as heck beats perfume as far as migraine triggers go.  But my head was already feeling funky, so to return home to loud rock music could be the nail in the trigger coffin, so to speak.


This time I saw a little green light out of the corner of my eye at the same time I heard the noise.

Oh em gee, I thought.  The smell is coming from that little box with the green light!

I immediately got up, picked up the “room fragrance” box, and put it outside.  I decided it should actually be called The Migraine Machine.

It’s been about ten minutes since I put it outside, and my head is swimming. I drank a bunch of water and took deep gulps of fresh air.  I can hear Jim’s band playing from across the street, and I don’t want to go back inside the house where the drumming and guitars will possibly put me over the edge.

I chose what I hope is the lesser of two evils.  I am hoping that when I go back home in thirty minutes, my head will become clear and I will enter a quiet house where I can rest.

What do you do when triggers attack you in one of your “safe” places?

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