Bad days, good days

The past week has been a mixture of amazing fun and terrible bedridden-ness. I had several days affected by migraine but got by okay with my triptans. Disturbingly, the drugs worked okay only half the time--they limited the pain but didn't erase it all (or the other side effects). That was frustrating, but at least post-triptans I could function okay.

Thursday I missed a bonfire party at a friend's house. I'd been looking forward to this. Friday I babysat and felt really good during the day, playing like crazy with the kids in the 70-something degree weather. Friday night was crappy, but I had an okay time lying low and watching The Wire. (Not uplifting, exactly, but so very well-done!) Saturday I woke up extra-migrainey but the drugs worked okay by the afternoon. I spent many an hour with my honey bunny and had a lovely evening. The migraine started to creep back in the evening but I ignored it. Mistake? Perhaps.


I got out of bed to pee a couple of times--other than that, J. waited on me hand and foot. Around ten p.m. I was okay enough to take a shower, but I had to sit down in the water stream and rest halfway through. When the shower was over and I was dry and p.j.ed, I felt as if I'd spent three hours working out. Wah.

Many of you don't know this, but I LOVE MARY TYLER MOORE. I love her. LOVE HER. This love is deeply connected to my love for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and I've had the pleasure of seeing a couple MTM Show stars in real life. (That was thrilling.) Months ago, one of my friends told me that Ed Asner ("Lou Grant") would be in Athens on February 15 to perform in a play for Darwin Day. She scored us free tickets (yess) and the countdown began.

That show was Sunday, 2/15. I couldn't go. Not even triptans could help save me: I'd taken my allotment for the week. I was too busy being in pain despite the Lortab, lying in bed hoping to throw up to ease some of the discomfort. (I've known many migraineurs who feel this way--once you get to feeling bad enough, you know that getting sick to your stomach will bring you some relief.) I missed Lou Grant! I also missed a Sunday night party I'd been looking forward to. Wah. Poor me.

It was the worst day I'd had in a long time. I'm hoping that its being out of the way (along with my period, which I'm joyed to wave goodbye to for a few weeks) will give me another few weeks of success. Fingers crossed.

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