Barring a cure for migraine, what’s one change that would make your life easier?

I daydream. A lot.

I daydream about my work life, my romantic life, my next vacation. I daydream about totally mundane things, as well: what would the house be like if I moved the couch from one room to another? What should I order at dinner tonight?

Without really intending to, I daydream about my health a lot. Sometimes the dreams are negative ones and are not helpful to my mental health. During rough health patches, I wonder what life would be like if I never felt well again. I wonder what would happen if my triptans stopped working entirely. I imagine setting up a trigger-free home office from bed.

When I’m more optimistic, I daydream about other slim possibilities. I let my imagination run tame (ha, ha) and think about what I’d do to change things if I had the power.

Which brings me to this: barring the discovery of a cure for migraine (which is not likely for at least the near future), what one thing would I change to make life a little easier, health-wise or stress-wise?

The list could go on and on, especially if I’m feeling especially indulgent-slash-spoiled, but here’s what’s on it today:

  1. I’d love to have a second bathroom in the house so I could take long baths without the cat needing to access the litter box or the boyfriend needing to pee
  2. I want perfume, cologne, and other strongly-scented body products banned from planes.
  3. And, while we’re at it, let’s just ban all perfume and cologne that triggers any migraineur, anywhere.
  4. You know what else would be cool? If the moment I walked into a hotel room all the environmentally-friendly CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs, or “squiggly light bulbs,” as my friend calls them) would magically morph into migraineur-friendly incandescent bulbs.
  5. What if I could give a card to people that said, “Janet is actually a very smart person, but she’s having a migraine right now, so that’s why she can’t seem to string two multisyllabic words together”?
  6. I’d love for well-meaning news sources to take a few minutes to learn more about migraine so they could report more accurately (main point I’d like for them to learn: migraine is a disease, not a headache).
  7. It would be really wonderful to be able to mute TVs and loudspeakers on airplanes, in airport terminals, in waiting rooms, and the like.
  8. As I said in a previous post that proved to be quite controversial, I wish everyone in the world would get just one migraine. Just one, so they could understand what it is like for us sufferers.

What health-related daydreams do you have, silly or otherwise? What simple (or utterly complicated and convoluted) changes would you like to see that would make your life as a migraineur easier?

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