Beware the Tweezers!

For today, a rather shallow post that deals with something I thought only applied to me—that is, until I talked to some friends who said they had the same fear! It’s either that or we’re exceptionally lazy when it comes to grooming.

On with the tale…

Migraine is such a huge part of my life that sometimes I don’t even notice how out of control its power over me can get. I know, I know—that sounds contradictory and impossible, but hear me out.

A few days ago, I noticed—not for the first time—that my eyebrows are OUT OF CONTROL. Like, growing everywhere. I’m all for keeping your natural shape and not over-grooming, but when there are dark brown hairs making their presence very obvious between your eyes, it’s probably time to bust out the tweezers and pluck away.

I reached for the tweezers, plucked one wayward eyebrow hair out, and, after sneezing (for I always sneeze when I pluck my eyebrows—go figure), I thought, “Oh no! What if I trigger a migraine?” This seemingly irrational fear is seated in a bevy of prior experiences, experiences in which I triggered a migraine doing something relatively inconsequential or controllable. Like when I don’t pay enough attention to how I’m leaning into the car to fetch my purse and slam my head on the door frame (ow), or when I misused my neti pot that one time and got all sorts of liquid and grossness backed up in my sinus. Both of these careless moves resulted in a migraine, and now I’m occasionally nervous to do the most basic things for fear that I’ll trigger an attack. This fear is especially prevalent when I’ve been having a rough week (or month) with migraine.

After my sneeze I put the tweezers down and decided to rock my natural style a few more days.

Do you ever feel as if your migraine has a strong hold on you even when you’re feeling healthy? That you amend your habits a little too much, worried you might trigger an attack?

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