A Birthday Not Ruined By Migraine

I'm writing this on the morning of my birthday. I've just settled my husband back into bed with earplugs, water, and white noise after he took his migraine meds. This is the second time in two weeks he's had a migraine on a day I've been looking forward to. Last time, his migraine came on a few hours before we were headed out to see a band we both love.

Although my husband has had episodic migraine since long before we were married, it's rare for HIS migraine to be the reason we cancel plans. Usually, I'm the one with the migraine, feeling guilty that it's put a damper on our fun. I can't help but notice that I'm not blaming my husband for getting a migraine or thinking that he ruined my day. I just want him to feel better.

On Father's Day, tons of migraineurs I know posted to social media that they ruined the day for their partners or dads by having a migraine. I wanted to tell all of them, "YOU didn't ruin Father's Day. It's not your fault you have a migraine and you've done nothing wrong. Also, the day's not ruined. The fathers in your life will still enjoy the day, even if the original plans are shelved. If they (or you) have their hearts set on a particular activity, do it next weekend."

That's exactly what I'm thinking today. My husband's not at fault and my birthday is just a day. We can celebrate tomorrow or next weekend or even all of next week. In fact, I kinda like getting my birthday extended to as many days as possible.

Sure, I'm disappointed that we missed the concert a couple weeks ago, especially because funk bands rarely come through Phoenix. And it's too bad we won't get to celebrate my birthday by going to a baseball game since it was the last weekend of the season. Still, the most important part of both events was spending time together having fun. There are many ways to do that, some of which don't require leaving the house.

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