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Since the launch of several of you have asked some great questions about managing migraines during pregnancy and delivery.

We are honored to have the opportunity to share an excerpt from The Woman's Migraine Toolkit, a book co-authored by Dr. Dawn Marcus, one of the experts here at

This particular chapter has a wealth of information and we are excited to hear your thoughts. In fact, everyone who posts a comment or question on the Blog will earn a chance to win a FREE copy of the Woman's Migraine Toolkit! The winner will be announced on the Blog on April 1st, 2011.

Visit the Blog to view the excerpt and post your comments. You can also purchase a copy of the book here.

Thanks for all of your questions; we will do our best to keep the answers coming!

Book Excerpt From: Dawn A. Marcus, MD and Philip A. Bain, MD. The Woman’s Migraine Toolkit, 2011, DiaMedica (New York).

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