Migraine Choice Mistakes

How often do you do something that you know you shouldn't because you have a Migraine - you make the choice anyway? I'm sure I am not alone when I answer this question with ‘more often than I should’.

It can be so hard to balance living a ‘normal’ life to life with Migraines. I made a huge mistake at the beginning of this summer where my wrong Migraine choice turned out to cost me my summer.

I play in a local township softball league where I have some really good friends on my team. I have enjoyed softball since I was young and it gives me that chance to step away from the daily grind while getting some much needed fresh air.

I missed many games the previous season because of Migraines where I barely qualified to play in our post season. There is a league policy that states players have to participate in a minimum number of games before they can play in playoff games. As a season winds down and vacations become more prevalent, it can be hard to field enough players to hold a game which makes it even more important that we have as many eligible players for the post season.

As we were getting ready to play our second game of this season, last years’ experience of just being eligible for playoffs was running through my mind. My goal was to qualify as early as possible in this season so I wouldn’t have to worry about squeezing in enough games like I did the year before. As this game day was developing, I felt those all too familiar twinges coming and going throughout the day, but I always felt well enough to go to the game.

After loosening up my arm before the game started, I found myself telling my captain that I would not play. I was almost relieved when I put this choice behind me because I know how hard it is to let a Migraine get the best of me. My head had progressed to the point where I could not try to beat or chase a little ball around the field. I didn’t go home and turn all of the lights out either. I ended up sitting in a dark quiet corner at the field while watching the game.

It was the last inning of play. As I weighed my guilt, my Migraine, my goal to qualify and knowing I don’t always make the right choices when I have a Migraine (yes this went through my mind too), I chose to play this last inning so I would have another game count for the year.

I took everything slow and at my own pace. I was surprised to get a nice hit up the middle where I ended up on second base. Another misjudgment came when the next player hit the ball to the left side of the infield. As the fielder threw the ball to first base, I instinctively took off for third. I knew it was going to be a close play and I knew I wouldn’t be as quick as normal, but that competitiveness and all of my bad choices caught up with me as I heard a loud snap at third base.

Even though I was safe and received credit for the game, I was not going to play in the post season with a broken leg. I still want to kick myself. I knew I should have listened to my body and should have gone home upon my decision not to play. Instead of missing one game because of a Migraine, I ended up missing the rest of the season, the playoffs and the championships.

This poor decision put a huge wrinkle into everything else going on in my crazy life too. It definitely didn’t help work either. I struggle enough with Migraine at work, but now I couldn’t drive and couldn’t get to the physical office to work. We had a few huge initiatives that were rolling out to the team and other big changes were happening in the office at the same time.

It seemed like a harmless wrong decision that I knew I shouldn’t have made. I’ve been at this long enough to know that I should have hung up my cleats and just walked away.

Do you make similar silly mistakes? What wrong choice did you make and how did you regret it afterward?

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