Chronic Migraine Oblivion

Migrane Awareness Month

Today’s 2013 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge prompt is: Oblivion.

As part of the team who helped come up with the prompts for this year's MHAM Blog Challenge, I knew from the start exactly what I wanted to say with respect to today's one word prompt, Oblivion.

I've lived with Chronic Migraine for 10 years now. But chunks of that time have varied from fairly manageable (comparatively speaking) to all consuming. When I experience an especially long, especially intense period of Chronic Migraine as I most recently did the entire month of January, I feel as though I slip away into an alternate Migraine universe.

That universe is all about sleeping, darkness, ice packs, medicine, coping techniques and escape. No unnecessary effort, no focus on anything other than "Am I still breathing?" Bill paying doesn't happen. Errands and grocery shopping don't happen. My pets, especially my active dog, spend all day, every day waiting for me to spend real time with them. I rarely even get my twice daily medications taken.

I missed Hurricane Katrina and the entire aftermath in one of these periods of Chronic Migraine oblivion. Until you've lived like this, you have no idea how strange it is to ordinarily be a connected, plugged in person, but come to only to realize you've slept through one of the biggest news events in modern history. I know I certainly didn't. It still feels surreal that I have no memories of experiencing this event because I didn't experience it through live news coverage the way most people did.

How many of you can relate to this state of Migraine oblivion? Have you missed any monumental events during an especially bad episode? Did it seem weird to you?

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