Cold fingers and toes!
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Until I read the much-talked-about The Migraine Brain, I hadn’t realized that lots of migraineurs report frequently having cold hands and feet. I’ve often joked that from October to May my extremities are ice-cold, figuring it had something to do with my height, my circulation, my lack of exercise, and/or my tendency to feel faint rather easily. That being said, I never really thought of it as something “real”; I figured instead it was just one of those bothersome things about being skinny and lanky. Whatev.

But now I wonder if there might be something I can do to warm up! Even with socks on, my toes are frigid; when I go to hug the kids I babysit for, they shriek in delight as they run away from me, thinking I was trying to trick them by putting icy fingers on their skin. I’ve read a bit about Raynaud’s Phenomenon, but I’m not sure if that is what plagues migraineurs or if there’s something else going on all together.

In the meantime, I’ll wear my hat and gloves outside even when others look at me like I’m a bit crazy. (I get cold even when it’s in the 60s!)

Anyone else have cold hands and feet more often than so-called “regular” folks?

(Don’t miss this article on Raynaud’s Phenomenon)

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