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Coming Up for Migraine Awareness Month

Tomorrow, June 1st, is the first day of National Migraine Awareness Month. The theme this year is help make Migraines visible, and tomorrow, you’ll see the beginning of a month-long project to do just that here on

Our bloggers are participating in the Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge. Here’s how it works:

  • Each day of June, there’s a different blog challenge “prompt.” A prompt is a specific topic that all the participating bloggers write about on that day.
  • By everyone writing on the same topic, we get all the different perspectives on that topic.
  • As each blogger finishes their entry, they go back to the home blog (link below) for the challenge and post their entry’s URL as a comment to the entry there for that day’s prompt.
  • Then the bloggers for the home blog as well as other bloggers Tweet all the entries. Some also share some of them on their Facebook pages and other places.

Migraine Awareness Month Blog ChallengeThis process continues each day through the month of June. Some of the topics are serious, some are more humorous. There’s a good mix so we don’t start feeling weighed down by being totally serious all month.

Blogging challenges can accomplish great things:

  • They can significantly raise awareness of whatever their topic is; in this case, Migraine.
  • Both the bloggers who participate and other people often discover new blogs that they weren’t aware of before.
  • Everyone stands to learn.
  • The bloggers have great fun, both writing their entries and getting to know other bloggers.

In this case, Ellen and I are the owners of the home blog, and this is the first annual blog challenge for National Migraine Awareness Month. We’re very excited about it and hope you’ll come to every day and read what Diana, Kerrie, Janet, Nancy, Ellen, and I write each day. Don’t worry – we aren’t going to overwhelm you by ALL of us writing every day. We’ll be taking turns, and one of us will write on each day’s prompt.

Do YOU blog about Migraines OR another headache disorder? If so, please join us! Just go to There’s a post there that lists all the prompts for the month so you can work ahead if you want, and each day, we’ll post that day’s prompt so that bloggers can come back and post the URL for their blog in the comments. Blog all the days you can, but don’t worry if you miss a few days. The point is to learn and have fun, not to put pressure on you.

We’ve established Twitter hash tags for this event, so please Tweet your blog entries with the hash tags #NMAM and #NMAMBC and retweet others you see with those tags. Each day’s prompt will also have this and other helpful information.

We hope you enjoy the National Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge, follow it through the month, and join us if you’re a blogger. Let me emphasize that you’re very welcome to join us if you don’t have Migraines but do have another headache disorder. In each of the prompts, you can simply replace the word Migraine with the name of your own disorder. Whether you’re a blogger or not, each day, when you read our blogs, please Tweet them and share them on your Facebook page to help us raise awareness about Migraine. Thanks!

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