Community Appreciation: 100K Likes & New Celebration!

To commemorate our amazing community for being such a kind and supportive one, and in honor of reaching a Facebook milestone of 100,000 likes, we want to take the time to thank YOU!

It's your involvement that makes the vibrant, caring place that it is - and we cherish you for being part of it! Whether you read articles, "like" or share posts, comment in the forums, share your story, tweet, or any of the countless ways you use - we want you to know how much we appreciate your participation, and we are doing so with a new initiative that will happen every so often from now on!

Having such a fantastic community inspires us to want to know more about some of our highly engaged community members! So, every so often we will feature specific community members in interview-style articles.  Members who are celebrated with this initiative are chosen based on their submission of the most-read stories. (Want a chance to be featured in articles like this in the future? Simply share your story here. We welcome your submission!)

Please click here and here to check out our first articles in our Community Appreciation series.

Once again, THANK YOU for being such vital members of this community! We know that without you, would not be as special and helpful as it is today! Our hearts are full of appreciation for you!

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