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Community Ideas: Summer Get Togethers

One of the most social seasons of the year has just started – so holiday gatherings, barbecues, and summer get-togethers are in full swing. We thought it might be helpful to share tips and tricks for attending celebrations while dealing with migraine, so we asked our Facebook community: “Do you have tips for managing migraine and holiday get togethers?” Check out the community’s responses, and share your ideas in the comments below!

I manage my surroundings to prevent a migraine attack:

  • Forbid anyone at your gathering to use ‘strobe’ fireworks. Major trigger.
  • I keep a small necklace style ‘personal air purifier’ on.
  • Keep a wet cloth with me to breathe into.
  • Don’t hug or sit near anyone with strong scents on.
  • Keep the next day free to recuperate, if needed.
  • Stay way from family [members] that don’t understand and make me stress out.
  • Try to stay away from fireworks and the smells.
  • Celebrate indoors with a small party.
  • Keep it small and wear ear plugs.
  • No smoking in the house to prevent an instant migraine.

I avoid parties altogether:

  • 4th of July celebrations are a thing of the past for me due to chronic migraine.
  • You can try to “medicate through”…but I recommend, unfortunately, skipping this kind of event.
  • I say sorry and go to bed.

I come prepared:

  • Vitamin B2 with Fever Few works for me.
  • Take meds prior to, whether I have one or not, and drinks lots of water.
  • Pills. Lots of them.
  • Stay out of the sun.
  • I bring comfortable chair, ball cap, dark sunglasses, ice packs, lots and lots of hydration, and abortives and rescue meds.
  • I have been using not only my meds, but also I went and bought a cold compress that you can leave in the freezer and also sometimes warm up in microwave.
  • I use the forehead rubs and tiger balm on my head.

How about you? What tactics do you use to deal with migraine when facing a social gathering? Please share in the comments!