Community Responses: Earliest symptoms prior to migraine diagnosis

We asked our Facebook communityWhen you look back, what are your earliest symptoms that you can recall having prior to your migraine diagnosisThis is emotional question to reflect on because for many, without knowing it yet at such a young age, migraine was beginning to set the course of how you would live your life. Revolving your daily routines around the management and treatment of migraine symptoms.

Here is what some of you had to share.

Childhood memories...

  • I would spend hours in the bathroom as a young kid gripped with the worst diarrhea and abdominal pain ever. To this day, abdominal issues are still a major part of my migraine attacks.
  • I was about 5 and I had horrible headaches. I was vomiting and dizzy. They could not find the cause of the headache, they finally diagnosed me at 21.
  • Started with nose bleeds when I was 11. Then the pain began.
  • 3yrs, Abdominal Migraine, nausea and vomiting.
  • I was very young, 5 or 6. I always remember having a headache. Coming home from school especially.
  • 15 years old, aura, dizziness, numbness in my hands, lasted about 30 minutes, then the pain over one eye.
  • I was about 11. My whole head was throbbing bad I couldn't walk or move. I also got bad eye pain too which turned out to be migraines and cluster headaches.
  • "Sick headaches" that sent me to bed mid day while others played outside. After weeks of those, my eyes were examined (fine), then the pediatrician told my mother to cut off my waist long hair (diagnosis - too heavy, causing headaches). Chopping off hair did not matter of course. I was 7 yrs old.
  • Starting when I was 9 and only got worse with age. name it....I have most of them.
  • I used to get an upset stomach and vomiting and headaches. I was 6. The Dr. said I was just trying to get out of school. We knew this was wrong as I loved school. Then in my teens it got so that I couldn't go outside without sun glasses on and the fluorescent lighting hurt my eyes and gave me daily headaches.
  • I must have been about 3 or 4 yrs old, I would have extreme throbbing in my head and want to throw up.
  • I was 4. I told my mom there was a bee in my head. I could hear it buzzing and stinging and I just got sicker.
  • Extreme head pain. I remember being just a young kid (about 5) and getting sick at school with a pounding headache, and coming home to lay on the couch. Grape and bubblegum children's Tylenol will never be the same for me.
  • I was 6. I remember having the horrible throbbing headache and being so nauseous.
  • 1st grade, I had to put my head on my desk because the teacher wouldn't let me go to the nurse. I asked to go to the bathroom because I was nauseous, she stopped me at the classroom door and I threw up on her Daisy sandals. She drove me home at lunch.
  • Excruciating pain behind one eye - was about 10 years old.
  • Daily headaches all through grade school, and stomach aches that sent me to bed since age 5-6.
  • Grade two. I passed out from pain during a hot summer day in a portable class that had very poor ventilation.

A bit later on in life...

  • Severe headache and nausea. I woke up with it early one morning when I was 22. I now realize it was my first migraine.
  • Mine began during my periods but by the time I was in my late 30's they were triggered by alcohol shellfish, nuts and stress and finally, by nothing at all. Then, when I was 40, i went into remission and have had only 4 or 5 mild ones since.
  • When I was 27 after a dentist put in two new crowns that were too big. Teeth shifted, started getting horrible migraines and TMJ.
  • A really bad headache with a swollen face that lasted for six full months! I had to take an ice pack to work to ice the back of my neck every two hours. I was around 28.
  • At 24 yrs old. The horrific pain of the back rt side of my head. Then the vomiting started.
  • I lost my peripheral vision when I was 15 after I got a tooth pulled. Migraines actually started many years later.

Thank you once again to our community members that took a moment to share such personal and emotional reflections of your early migraine symptoms.

We would love to read more from you! Please feel free to leave your responses of your earliest symptoms that you can recall having prior to diagnosis in the comments below.

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