Community Responses: The Things You Miss

The things you truly enjoy in life tend to be nothing more than fond and vivid memories in the back of your mind when you live with chronic migraine. For many migraineurs, the pain and triggers that seem to lurk around every corner, prevent you from fully relishing in the daily blessings. Simply put, you no longer can be the YOU that you once were and yearn to be.

So we asked the community, what are things that you miss?


The #1 response was spontaneity (what's that again)! For so many, being able to feel reliable, plan ahead (even just the next day), make plans and honor that commitment was echoed by nearly all in the community.

  • Being reliable for my family, career and being seen as a hardworking dependable person
  • Checking things off (and maybe even finishing) my "to do" list
  • Being my old fun, energetic and confident self
  • Simply having ANY fun
  • Really loud rock concerts
  • Red wine
  • Caffeine
  • Being able to say that I'd never be reliant on prescription medications
  • Travel
  • Laying in the grass just feeling the sun on my face
  • Cranking the radio in my car and jamming out
  • Staying up late and wearing myself out while feeling good about it
  • Going to the movies
  • Perfume
  • Exercise
  • Dancing
  • Eating anything I want
  • Speak and think clearly on a consistent basis
  • Sleep
  • Being anywhere there is a large group of people gathering
  • Shopping or eating out anywhere/anytime due to fluorescent lighting (BIG trigger)

Lastly and most importantly, the final and consistent sentiment expressed by the community, was missing what could have been and all the little things in life that others are able to take for granted.

Thank you again to the community for always being so open and honest when you take the time to share these heartfelt comments!

We would love to hear more! Are there any other things that you miss that you would like to share with us? Please comment below.

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