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Community Responses: Top 4 things you could not live without for migraine management

Community Responses: Top 4 things you could not live without for migraine management

When you know a migraine is looming and about to hit, our community is always gracious and kind enough to share what your must-haves and essentials are to help sooth the pain. When asked what the top four things you could not live without when it comes to migraine management, these were the combined top responses you provided.

#1 Medication/Treatment (Cefaly device, occipital nerve block, biofeedback,Topamax, Cambia, Imitrex, Botox, Relpax, Zomig, steroids, Excederin, Maxalt, Reglan, Zofran, Sumatriptan, Stadol NS, Keppra, sleep aids, Naproxen, Benadryl, Xanax, Compazine, antacids, Floricet, sleep aids…to name just a few)
#2 Sunglasses (darkened & TheraSpecs)
#3 Ice and heat packs (over the forehead, behind the neck, shoulders and head)
#4 Help and support (spouse, family, etc.)

Additional requirements:
Furry companions by your side – Thank you for sharing Jill! (Facebook member) He sure is super cute!

12932589_10209929569383001_4925205510926412417_n (1)
Essential oils
Laying down in a dark, cool and silent room (black-out curtains or shades)
Sleep (with eye mask)
Noise cancelling earplugs
Staying hydrated (ice water)
Taking a shower or bath
Tiger balm
Watching TV (on low volume)
Comfy pillows
Supplements (magnesium & butterbur)
Hats, sun visor or anything to provide shade

One of our members, Kristin, added a very important remark that I wanted to share to serve as a reminder to our community:  “Probably I should add a fifth, actually the voice that tells me none of this is my fault and I don’t need to add insult to injury by being abusive to myself with negative self-talk about what I can no longer do. That’s 5 sorry, but the mental is very, very important for me too. And something that I am constantly working on.”  Thank you for adding this comment Kristin! It is such an important point to address as maintaining an emotional balance during a migraine attack is extremely challenging, yet imperative to try and do.

Thank you to all the community members that took the time to share your comments. Your feedback, continued contribution and engagement is what makes so invaluable!

Please be sure to share what your top 4 must-haves are for pain management during a migraine in the comments below. 


  • 1soro31
    3 years ago

    1) 4 preventatives: a) meds-botox, topamax; b) scheduled sleep routine; c) preservative-free diet; d) big hat, paper black-out window shades avail at home depot

    2) 4 rescues: a) meds-sumatriptan nasal spray, tylenol; b) like janenez a recliner and afghan; c) ice pack; d) dark room & silence

  • AmyBritt
    3 years ago

    It is very helpful to see what helps others with Chronic Migraine. I have had increasing migraines for 20 years now.

    My first would be Botox and Magnesium. They seem to reduce the frequency of the migraines. Norco is the only pain reliever that removes the pain completely.

    Second is retreating to a darkened quiet room with a frozen fabric weighted bag on my eyes (filled with deer corn, I find weight on my eyes while closed makes the pain more manageable). I also use earplugs to limit noise.

    Third would be medication for nausea prescribed by my neurologist

    Recently my neurologist found several bulging discs in my cervical area that she feels are responsible for my migraine. My major triggers are change in barometric pressure and smoke. She has given me medial branch blocks and I am in the process of having radio frequency ablation son both sides of the back of my neck. There has not been a large change in pain/frequency yet.

  • mrst53
    3 years ago

    I guess I have to Zomig, 2 ice packs(one for my forehead, one for the back of my neck)a heating pad for the top of my head and a fan to block out other noises.

  • janenez
    3 years ago

    4 preventatives: 1) keeping a healthy sleep/eat/rest/work Rhythm. 2) eating gluten free and as healthy as possible. 3) good quality sunglasses. 4) one of those shaped memory foam bed pillows that holds your neck naturally. I got mine at IKEA for less than ten dollars.

    4 rescues: 1) Zomig works best for me with a big glass of water 2) a recliner with my afghan 3) reciting a mantra while I wait for meds to work. 4) I got an electric lower back massager from Brookstone that kneads hard and is sometimes a good distraction.

    I do wish I was more disciplined about the preventatives and I find it interesting that my rescue list has changed over the last 3 decades as my migraines have changed, and my triggers have changed as I’ve gotten older. The docs told me my migraines would subside after menopause and I was really looking forward to that, but unfortunately it has not been true for me.

    Gratitude helps too. I would like to give a medal to the doctors who invented triptans. Many of us old-timers remember our migraine-life before they came on the market. I give anything I can for migraine research hoping for the next breakthrough to help ease the lives of those just starting their journeys.

  • LindaRNJ
    3 years ago

    I don’t wish my migraines on anyone, but it’s so helpful hearing stories from others, knowing I’m not on an island alone with all the problems migraines bring.
    I agree with your list of the top 4 migraine management tools. Glad to know I’m not the only one wearing sunglasses inside.
    Thank you for bringing us together and providing such useful information.

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