Community Thoughts: What Would You Do If We Finally Had a Cure?

With all the time, effort, and resources that must be used towards dealing with migraine, every once in a while it can be fun to daydream about what it would be like if there was finally a cure. Inspired by Tammy's recent article, "What if we finally had a cure?", we asked our Facebook community for their thoughts! Check out the responses to the question: "What would you do if we finally had a cure?"

I'd be at peace

I'd finally relax!

  • Finally be able to breath and not look over my shoulder for the next migraine!
  • I'd feel peace!!
  • Not worried anymore about what the weather will do to my head.
  • Just live my life…
  • I would just simply LIVE!
  • I'd know what quality of life meant.

I'd party and travel and not worry about triggers

I'd party and travel!

  • Hold a massive party and go on holiday with my family. Have a glass of wine. The list is endless.
  • I'd have a party with all of the friends I don't get to see/visit anymore! Then I would find work - ohhh the dream.
  • Go on vacation far from my doctors!
  • Travel outside my bubble. My migraines make me feel like I'm living in the Truman show sometimes.
  • Turn on a strobe light and party!
  • Dress to the nines, including perfume (which I can't do often because TRIGGER). Head out swing dancing ALL NIGHT, with cocktails, a live big band, and all the handsome men I can flirt with. Close the joint down because I'm having fun, not leave early because my head can't take it anymore.
  • Party and dance! Drink!
  • Go to the beach or an outdoor concert!
  • Do a jitter bug
  • I'd quit my job on go on tour permanently. Phish tour that is.
  • Long flights to see the world!
  • See the U.S.A. in my Chevrolet

I wouldn't have to worry about migraine food triggers

I'd eat and drink what I want!

  • Eat a chocolate bar
  • Have a glass of red wine!
  • Eat cheese
  • Drink hard cider occasionally
  • Go out and have a 10 course Chinese meal!!!!!!!
  • I'd have a beer!
  • I'd eat without fear

I'd do the things I couldn't do with migraine

I have very specific things I would do...

  • Go camping and SMELL the camp fire
  • I'd shop. Like a 'normal' person. I'd go in stores with flourescent lighting fearlessly. And try on perfume. And smell candles. And walk near or even down the cleaning supplies aisle without holding my breath. I'd go into beauty supply stores and even try going into Lush for the first time! Maybe buy something fragrant for my bath.
  • I'd go to the outdoor markets and spend as long as I liked regardless of the temperature or sunlight. I'd eat outside at a cafe'. And I'd be able to walk down the streets under flashing neon lights at night. I wouldn't even have to cross the street or hold my breath if there were smokers sharing the sidewalk. All the obstacles would be gone.
  • I would be able to help my daughter with her homework. Help her improve her grades.
  • Some days I can't even talk or make much sense. It would be nice to have my brain back, for it to function like it used to. To enjoy sights and smells like I used to.
  • I think I would drive for longer than 10 minutes that would be nice to feel that freedom again without it triggering a migraine.
  • Go for an awesome exercise class that I wouldn't worry about getting over heated.
  • I would finally spend my money on something other than migraine medications.
  • I wouldn't have to take all this awful medication!!
  • I'd be able to go out without having to bring the pharmacy in my purse!
  • Be reliable.
  • Sleep in on the weekend.
  • Walk in the Yankee candle store.
  • I'd work out every day!
  • Make plans without fear
  • Go outside during the day. Go to any public place, no matter the lighting.
  • Take a nice long walk in the sunshine. I think I miss that the most.
  • I would live life to it's fullest. I would also lose my weight.
  • Hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.
  • LAUGH!!! AGAIN!!!
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Tan at the beach more
  • Go to a ball game
  • I'd go out in the sun and pull weeds.
  • I'd go to the lake or the river and smile and play.
  • I'd take down all of the depressingly dark curtains I have nailed to my wall and put up something bright and pretty.
  • Go outside without fear, plan outings without fear... all the money we could do other things with if we were not paying hundreds of dollars a month just for migraine medications

I'd work towards my dreams

I'd work on my goals!

  • Find a job and catch up on bills.
  • Go back to work as a Nurse, my dream.
  • I'd be able to go back to school, finish my degree and get a better job.
  • I'd go back to law school.
  • Join the peace corps.
  • Since the migraines come on suddenly and are debilitating I have had to cancel plans to get my scuba diving license. Therefore...I'd get my diving license!
  • I'd stop missing work and keep my home clean like I used to.
  • Finish all those projects I started so long ago.
  • Train for and complete a marathon!

I'd be so happy

I'd have so much joy and gratitude...

  • If we suddenly had a cure, a true cure and it truly worked, I'd break down into tears sobbing uncontrollably because this pain, nauseous, etc., that I feel literally every single day, would be coming to an end.
  • Oh the wonders that could take place for all of us if so indescribable and a joyful thing.
  • I would breathe a deep sigh of relief, and feel super grateful to whomever discovered the cure!

I'd be with my loved ones

I'd spend time with family and friends!

  • Go see my grandchildren.
  • Spend more time with my family and friends.
  • Plan a day for me and my children. So I can take them out and do whatever it is they want to do. I would love to be able to go to the bounce house with them, or to Chucky Cheese.
  • Entertain, go out, paint the house, push my profession, be a better mummy, Camp, sail, hike, surf, free dive, canoe, sea kayak... do everything and take the kids
  • I'd book a 2 week long holiday to the beach for me and my kids!
  • I would entertain family and friends more.

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