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Community Thoughts: How You Spend the "Good Days"

Migraine attacks are not only painful, but they can take up a ton of our time! We wanted to find out how people in our community spend time when it's not devoted to symptoms, treatments, and other things that can accompany migraine, so we asked our Facebook community: "How do you like to spend your time/energy when you’re feeling good (or good enough!)?" Check out the responses, and add your own in the comments!

I work on catching up:

  • Honestly? Catching up on things I didn't get done when I felt crummy
  • Today I went to the store, did laundry and cleaned the house. I had to make up for all the other days when I can't do anything.
  • Trying to get everything done!!!!!!!!!
  • Grocery shopping
  • Sometimes I just need to get the basic things done like dishes, laundry, vacuuming.
  • Catching up with housework but, in moderation or I am down for several days.
  • purging excess stuff in house.

I enjoy myself!

  • Spending time with my husband
  • Fence
  • Playing with the dogs
  • Go swimming with my best friend, go to yoga. Go see what has changed in our town.
  • Walk, get out with my husband it's just so wonderful to feel well enough to do anything.
  • What a difference as opposed to when I force myself to go out with a migraine. Being UP
  • With my husband and son doing whatever they want. It's such a rare time we enjoy ever second of it
  • Painting! Doesn't matter what project I'm on....whether it's a landscape, or ornaments or anything.....if I have a brush on canvas, wood, tin, porcelin or glass, it's ALL good! And if I have a migraine, I take a pill and continue! NOTHING and NO ONE keeps me from my passion!
  • Having fun with the kids or being myself (I.e. Me without a migraine) with my husband.
  • hiking, motorcycling, family time.
  • Reading, gardening, playing with my children
  • Enjoying a nice drive and conversation with the hubcat, and spending some quality time with the dog and cats.
  • Painting, reading, housework, motorcycle riding, movies and out to dinner with my 'boyfriend' (husband) and sharing lunch dates with my girlfriends.
  • photography
  • On my deck with a sangria only one though or I'll get a migraine.
  • Working out
  • Just out, anywhere
  • Knitting
  • going out to the museum or botanical gardens, feeding the ibises and cockatoos and lorikeets and looking at all the cutie wootie Aussie critters
  • Crafts, walking around antique stores, or just enjoying the minutes of peace…
  • Training dogs, hanging with family & just this past week I went to Hawaii with my love. It was a good week!
  • Spending quality time with my 2 grandkids!
  • Listening to music
  • Living life. Enjoying everyone and everything
  • Playing with the fur babies
  • Read, play with the kids, workout, cook, take the kids to the park or play outside.
  • Riding my horse
  • Go into the woods with my puppy and hubby
  • Time in, on or near the water and in the sunshine always makes me feel better!
  • Art
  • Going to church

I make up for lost time!

  • Making up for the time I've lost due to migraines with my kids
  • Helping my friends and family whenever I can
  • Doing something with my children. They help me so much when I am having problems, I want to reward them when I am not
  • Fixing the mistakes I made at work because of the fog
  • With my family, just being together when not feeling crappy is so nice,
  • Thanking the good Lord he gave me a feel good day. Now where to start over?....

How about you? What do you like to do during the "good days" - or when you feel good enough? Share your experience in the comments below!

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