Completely Unofficial Made-Up Migraine Types: The Creeper

*Unofficial migraine type.

There are all types of formal diagnoses for illnesses, and even in dealing with migraine disease, there are myriad ways the disease can present itself from person to person, episode to episode.

Today I would like to describe a type of migraine I tend to get a lot, one whose made-up name will not be found in any textbook or medical papers because I made it up. Despite my never having read explicitly about this type of migraine episode, I have confidence that at least some of you out there have had the kind of migraine I’m about to describe. I call it...The Creeper.

The sneaky migraine attack

You know those days when you are feeling clear-headed, positive, and healthy? Few aches and pains, no headache, no suspicion that one’s coming? (Sadly, chronic migraineurs have fewer of these days than do episodic migraineurs, but I hope we all know the feeling of having had a symptom-free day.) Well, those days are fabulous. I am not here to talk about those days.

I’m here to talk about a certain type of migraine that can be part of an in-between day (an idea I’ve described on before in a post called “The In-Between Days: When You Don’t Have a Full-Fledged Migraine But Aren’t Yourself Either”).

The Creeper is the migraine that is sneaky. It will perhaps greet you first thing in the morning, a twinge behind your right eye. “Hello!” it says. “You haven’t forgotten me, right? Cause I’m here!”  With dread, you climb out of bed, expecting that this will be a migraine day. But, lo and behold, after having breakfast and coffee you realize with a start that the migraine is showing no signs at all. Maybe that was a fake-out!

A little bit later that morning, you drop a sock on the floor when doing laundry. You bend over to get it and—boom!—you feel a little twinge in your head. Is that…is that the migraine? Is it coming today, or just creeping around the periphery?

Unsure of when the full migraine will hit

Perhaps, if you’re like me, the afternoon is a hurry-up-and-wait game you play with the migraine. A friend calls to see if you want to meet up for happy hour, and you’re not sure if you should say yes, cause what if this turns into a full-fledged attack? The back of your neck is throbbing off and on, and your phonophobia (sensitivity to sound) seems to be kicking in every time the phone rings. But still…the nausea, the head pain, the other parts of the migraine aren’t showing up.

The Creeper, in my warped imagination, is like this mean little leprechaun figure who wants to just remind you that it’s here, that at any second it can highjack your entire day or your entire week.  Feeling good for a few minutes? Well, have a dose of this photophobia and sense that uneasy feeling you get shortly before a so-called “real” migraine sets in. The Creeper may never show up that day, but it has let you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there’s no way you’re safe from migraine today.

Have you ever met The Creeper?  What kinds of other completely unofficial types of migraine do you consider yourself to have? (I have a list of a few silly types like this I may write about, but I’ll write about your suggestions, too, if I can identify!)  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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