Completely unofficial, made-up migraine types: the fish net

Completely unofficial, made-up migraine types: the fish net

Have you ever gone fishing with a net, or have you ever even had a pet fish you had to periodically scoop out of the tank in order to clean its habitat? (I can hear my mom mentioning here that I had many fish during childhood and probably cleaned the fishbowl twice—sorry, Mom.)  Think of what that experience is like for the fish.  She is still fully immersed in water, so she’s safe, alive, and breathing. But her environs are drastically limited, and her freedom to go where she wants is totally diminished.  If the net is a large one, the fish might temporarily operate under the belief that she is still free, only to feel the net catch her at the last second.

Now think about these descriptions in relation to the newest migraine in the Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types series: The Fish Net.

The Fish Net Migraine allows you to live life normally most of the day.  You swim about your world, relatively carefree and able to make your own choices.  The net travels along with you, creating a breathable bubble around you that gives you the impression that you’re migraine-free.

Oh, but then! It can take action when you least expect it. Perhaps it yanks you out of the water with no warning, leaving you gasping before you’re dipped back into a safe environment.  Perhaps you start swimming faster than before, trying to live your life as if you don’t have migraine, and then you bump against the net, reminded once again that a migraine attack is hovering around the edges of your day, threatening to settle in at any point.

Usually the Fish Net Migraine isn’t particularly vicious. It just hangs out, acting like it’s somehow protecting you from the world when really it’s preventing you from experiencing the world fully.  At times, though, whoever or whatever is holding the handle of the fish net decides to show you once again that you are not entirely migraine-free: you feel a tug and a harsh reminder that migraine is limiting your options not just that day but every day.  The net allows you to live your life, but you never can completely forget the fact that, at least right now, migraine is in charge, not you.

If you’re lucky, the Fish Net Migraine will disappear within a few hours without migraine pain and disability setting in.  If you’re unlucky, or if you pushed at those boundaries of the net too hard despite knowing that a migraine was waiting in the wings, a full-fledged migraine attack will be on its way within hours.

How many of you know the feeling of being both free to move but trapped by the Fish Net Migraine? What do you do on Fish Net Migraine days to help prevent a full migraine episode from taking over your life?  Any thoughts and comments are much appreciated.  Here’s hoping you’re having a totally migraine-free day, no fish nets in sight!

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