Curses to you, prodrome—bearer of false hopes!

I've been having a rough time of it lately, migraine-wise. This is the tenth day this month that my life has been moderately to severely affected by Migraine attacks. (Since attacks can last up to 3 days--and sometimes more--it's hard to say how many attacks I had this month. It's simpler and more significant, perhaps, to say how many days were affected by Migraine.)


Last night I started to feel wonderful. Just wonderful. I had more energy than I remember having for weeks. I dashed around the house, firing off emails and reorganizing jewelry and hanging up all the posters and artwork that's been waiting to be hung for months. La di da! Janet felt awesome. A little voice in the back of my head warned that this could be the euphoria that sometimes accompanies my prodrome. I thought to myself, "Self, you're being overdramatic. There's no way another migraine could be coming along--you JUST got over one this afternoon! This is what it's like to feel normal! Enjoy it."

This morning, Tuesday, I awoke a bit earlier than usual to meet with my friend C. for his birthday--we had breakfast together. While sitting at the restaurant, I felt that old familiar feeling behind my right eye and in the left side of my sinus cavity. Ignore it, ignore it. I had a few tiny cups of coffee (amounting to 20 oz. total, probably). Drank a couple glasses of water. Ate some breakfast. C. asked if I'd be at his birthday get-together that evening, a roller skating party (hearkening back to elementary school party traditions). "Yeah, I don't see why not!" I said in a cheerful voice; in the meantime, I could feel my head throbbing and figured I might be in for yet another day in bed.

It's been seven hours since I had breakfast, and the pain is a little bit worse than before, but not horrible by any means. What I don't like is the way it teases, the way I think I'm feeling great and then suddenly, harshly realize I'm wrong as I move too fast or bend down to pick something up. I don't want to miss another party. I don't want to miss out. I want to feel the way I did last night.

For now I'll continue spending time by myself. I can't take any triptans since I already took 'em to the limit this week, and Naproxen doesn't do much good for me. I'll just wait. And hope for a better day tomorrow.

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