Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities (OEs)

Heard of 'em? In short, people possessing one or more of the "overexcitabilities" react to their environments more intensely (and for a longer period) than the average person. For example, someone with high sensual overexcitability reacts dramatically to sensory stimuli: sound, light, touch, etc., are heightened experiences as contrasted with regular people's reactions.1

Heightened sensory sensitivities

All the poorly-translated language includes non-words like "overexcitability" and faux amis like "sensual." A more apt term would be "heightened sensory sensitivity," but Dabrowski's initial translators have already made their odd mark.

The connection to migraine

I'm quite intrigued by the connection between the OEs and migraine disease. Though I've not read any literature directly linking the OEs to migraine patterns, an implicit connection most definitely exists. This claim is made manifest with even the most preliminary Google search for "migraine." As someone whose scores are sky-high on all facets of the OE scale and whose migraine headaches are out of control, I have a vested interest in teasing out the possibility of a correlated (if not causal) relationship between heightened sensitivity and migraine.

Let me know what you think out there - do you have migraine disease or another chronic pain disorder? Do you have illness(es) related to heightened sensory input?

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