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Day in the Life of a Migraineur

Day in the Life of a Migraineur

People without migraine disease (or those for whom the disease only shows up rarely) tend to focus on what life is like for patients during an attack.  This is understandable—the attacks, after all, are what most sufferers think about as well.  For me, a bad migraine episode can entail disorientation, nausea, vomiting, forgetfulness, dizziness, and head and neck pain so extreme that I can’t focus.  (Happily, few of my attacks reach that brink these days, but I still get doozies for the record books a few times a year.)

What many don’t realize is that for many of us migraineurs with frequent attacks, not a day goes by that we don’t think about migraine, even if we’re feeling really well that day.  (As for me, I doubt more than a couple hours pass without my thinking about migraine, whether I’m trying to come up with new ideas for blog posts for this website or if I’m double-checking my bag to make sure I have my Imitrex on hand just in case.)

Here’s what it’s like for me to live as a migraineur.  A morning & afternoon in the life, if you will, is described below. I’ve written a recap of just a few hours in a typical Sunday for The Migraine Girl.

A summer Sunday


I must have slept through my alarm, because I don’t remember opening my eyes until 11am, over three hours after my alarm was set to go off.  I hope that I won’t get a migraine after effing up my sleep schedule and oversleeping, I think.


I make a couple of smoothies with bananas and coconut milk.  I am so lucky that bananas aren’t a migraine trigger for me.  Ack—at least as far as I know, they’re not. What if they are? Could I really give up bananas?  I’m not hungry, but it’s so late in the day and I skipped breakfast due to sleeping in. I hope I don’t get a migraine from skipping a meal.  Maybe having a banana shake counts as breakfast. Or maybe that’s not helpful at all if banana is secretly a trigger for me.


I am in the middle of a really good novel—an advanced copy of a book that I’m reading on my iPad. I sit in the living room to read. I adjust the screen’s brightness so it’s as low as it can go.  The iPad should really have even darker settings for people who are sensitive to light.  The lamplight is hitting the screen at a bad angle.  I hope the glare won’t trigger a migraine. 


I decide to do a little bookshop work. I’ve been procrastinating on a couple of big things and my heart rate increases the moment I open my laptop. I should do deep breathing or something. You know, to counteract the stress I’m feeling. I don’t want to get stressed out and possibly trigger a migraine. 


Jim makes us a late lunch of eggs and beans. Eating at home is so great, because we know we don’t have any foods in the house that will have MSG or aspartame or any of my other major food-related triggers. If I were at a restaurant I’d be tempted to read the labels right now, but at least at home I’m safe. 


Jim gently points out that I seem a little short-tempered today, that I’m answering him bluntly and not being a very good listener.  I decide to put on my sneakers and go for a walk.  I hope I’m merely agitated because I’m in a weird mood.  Sometimes when I’m agitated, it’s a sign that a migraine is coming, or already here.  I am finishing up with my period right now, and my hormone levels are probably fluctuating.  Oh, no! Did I take my magnesium and muscle relaxer last night?  Oh, I think I did.  All is well unless I get a breakthrough migraine. Oh, I hope I don’t.  I also hope that it’s not too hot outside to walk.  I’d hate to get overheated and risk getting a migraine. 


Jim and I run a few errands together. First up is a visit to our friends’ house, where we’re picking up a painting.  They have incense burning and I do my best to not appear rude as I try not to inhale. It’s their house, their turf, and I keep thinking we’re about to leave, so there’s no need for me to exit early. Except we stay and I continue to look like a weirdo with my sweater sleeve on my face.  I should just say something, but then they might feel bad, when really they shouldn’t at all.  And I don’t want to go out on to the porch by myself if we’re about to go anyway.

And on and on.

Suffice to say migraine is always, always in the back of my head (if it hasn’t overtaken my entire skull).  Most frequent or chronic migraineurs I know feel the same way—migraine is something we may have to deal with at any moment.

If you have a few minutes, try writing in your journal or in the comments below what it’s like for you to live with migraine. What is your typical day like? What kind of internal monologue is taking place without anyone else having any idea what you’re going through?

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  • DanaH
    5 years ago

    It is still hard for me to read posts on I feel my eyes tearing up each time (and crying is a trigger!). Before discovering this site, I really thought I was the only one that lived like this.
    A day does not go by that I don’t have a headache or worry about getting a headache. It seems everything is a trigger and almost like a double ended sword. For example, I’ll get a migraine if I sleep too long or don’t get enough sleep.
    Thank you to everyone on this site for letting me know that I’m not alone!!

  • Sally
    5 years ago

    I can so relate. I was actually crying yesterday after reading one of the posts about how different their life would be without migraine. I’ve been at this now for over 20 years and have pretty much given up on them finding some miracle cure. I had to leave my job of 25 years because they had gotten so bad and am now on disability. Thought less stress would help. No such luck. I’m just bored to death. Quite frankly the thought of living another 20 or 30 years with this pain 4 to 5 days a week doesn’t sound very appealing. Migraine affects every facet of my and my husband’s life. It totally sucks.

  • migrainestl
    5 years ago

    I can totally relate. Here’s a snippet from my day 7/21/14:

    7:37am – Oh good, I woke up on my own around 7:30 and my head isn’t screaming. I hope my son is being good for my husband. SHUT curtains immediately.

    8:30am – Sitting on the bike at the gym seeing I’ve gone 9minutes & 30 seconds, do I stop at 10 or can I do 15 today? I’ll try for 15, but maybe not push myself too hard, I want to have a good day & if I push too hard my head starts throbbing.

    9:30am – My son’s in bed for a nap, finally I can have a cup of coffee and just chill out not having to think about anything. It’s only been 2 hours since I woke, but already I need a rest.

    1pm – Lunch is over and I was feeling fine, but suddenly I feel a bit nauseaus. Do I take something? I really wanted to get out with my son this afternoon…I’m so glad he’s still a baby & won’t be disappointed if I have to cancel. I’ll take some light meds, lay here on the couch while he plays with his toys and hopefully we’ll be out the door by 1:30pm.

    4pm – I’m so glad I took those pills, I had such a great afternoon and left the house with our son all by myself! I even drove over 20mins to get to our play destination and was out and about for over 2 hours! I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to be feeling worse in just a couple hours. Must shut curtains, my husband always opens them the moment I leave the house.

    7pm – My son’s asleep, I wonder if I should clean the stove or just rest on the couch? I feel some weird pains here & there, but maybe it’ll be ok.

    9:30pm – Ok, I might have pushed it a bit much today. The lights are bothering me, I feel a searing pain on the top right side of my head…will sleep be all I need to kick this or should I take meds now? If I don’t take meds now, will I wake with a migraine? Maybe just a muscle relaxant & hope for the best.

  • Jules2dl
    5 years ago

    For the first time in a long while, I actually dared to buy tickets to an event for this past Saturday night that I was really excited about. It was a concert for my favorite Christian band, Casting Crowns.
    This was going to be a many faceted threat to my migraine brain. It was part of a county fair, and the last time I attended a county fair, it was like a physical assault on my head. The bass from the bands, the heat of the sun, the smells from the food, the threat of rain. I was really sick the whole time.
    I kept my eye on the weather for 2 weeks before the concert; no rain expected until Tuesday night/Wednesday. This could still be problematic for me though, as my migraines often kick in 4 days before it rains.
    The concert was at night, so sun wouldn’t be a problem. The music from Casting Crowns wouldn’t be as loud and discordant as the bands at the other fair, I often listen to their music softly to calm me down when I have a bad migraine. My hopes were fairly high.
    Saturday around noon my heart sank as my head ramped up. I took a Maxalt melt. No go, pain continued to edge up towards 8. I was now in the oh-poor-Julie-migraines-ruin-everything phase (for migraineurs who haven’t yet heard of this phase, it happens concurrently with the pain phase of the migraine. Feel free to insert your own name where it says “Julie”).
    With my ice pack in hand, we left for the concert. The 4 of us took our tickets and divided up to get our food and agreed to meet at our seats. I got my Casting Crowns tee shirt first, of course. Since meat usually makes me nauseous when I have a migraine, I opted for a stuffed sweet potato. Waited almost 30 minutes in line, only to find they had run out of sweet potatoes. Great, it is now 7:00, concert at 7:30. I head towards another vendor of sweet potatoes, huge line, no way. Okay, keep calm and carry on, right? Right! By now, another need is making itself known. I have to pee. So now the plan is ladies room first, then I’m going to get a corn dog and go to my seat. (I know, I know, but nitrites have never been a trigger for me). Oh nooooo…..the line for the ladies is long enough to circle the earth twice! Forget that. I’ll just get the corn dog, get to my seat, and pray I don’t pee myself during the concert.
    No line for the corn dog! Yes!! I put some mustard on and I’m ready to go!
    As I’m hurrying towards the grandstand at 7:15, I take 1 delicious bite of what has got to be the best corn dog I’ve ever had (or I’m hungrier than I thought). Suddenly I’m propelled forward and to the left by some tremendous force from behind. In slow motion, I see my corn dog, my precious corn dog, arcing away from me, drops of mustard falling away from it like tiny yellow pearls. I cry out and reach for it, but it is beyond my grasp. Then an overweight, sweaty, red-faced little boy in Bermuda shorts and a grimy t-shirt appears in front of me. His mother tells him to apologize to me for making me drop my dinner. He mumbles “sorry lady”, and they disappear into the crowd (much like my corn dog).
    I’m panic-stricken now, because I know what will happen if I don’t eat anything (headache will get much worse). I manage to at least get an ice cream cone. When I’m down for the count with a #10 headache, I pretty much live on ice cream anyway, it’s the only thing I can eat that doesn’t make me sick.
    I get to my seat, manage to eat my “dinner”, and glory be! there are port-a-potties in the grand stand area! Much as I hate to use them, I am delighted at the opportunity now. Turns out, they are actually cleaner than my bathroom at home and provide quite a pleasant experience. I make it back to my seat with 2 minutes to spare. I had taken 20 milligrams of Toradol when we arrived at the fair, and it was kicking in.
    Casting Crowns was phenomenal. They played all of my favorite songs. There was only 1 song that I actually had to cover my ears because it hurt my head, and several times I had to close my eyes or look away because the lights hurt my head/eyes. But the music filled me up, as their music always does, with the Holy Spirit, and I found myself thanking God that the cross I’ve had to bear for 44 years and counting is migraines. Because there are many much more difficult crosses.

  • slhart
    5 years ago

    I can relate…. I actually feel panicked when I over sleep or miss a meal. Yesterday I cried when I woke up to yet another migraine day. I’m stuck in a cycle of chronic migraine pain, when will it end 🙁 I feel like the guy in the movie Groundhog Day, Everyday is a new day to work on keeping my pain level under control.

  • Susan Walton
    5 years ago

    I had a hectic week at Vacation Bible School, mess up my sleep schedule, meal times and the whole stress of organising the program. On Wednesday chronic migraine visit. I was mad, I told my spouse I prefer to have the attacks than having good days only to be interrupted by this monster. He did not agree with me. I am here in bed trying to rest, not feeling like me, worrying when the monster will visit.

  • marti
    5 years ago

    I walked into work yesterday, and the janitorial staff had mopped with bleach the night before. The smell of bleach is an instant trigger for me – I took an Imitrex and a couple of pain pills, but it was already too late. I sat at my desk all morning and suffered. The medicine kept it from becoming unbearable, but I was still miserable. Then we had a big company anniversary celebration outside in the July heat. In the deep south. The only good part of the day was that I won $50.00 in a drawing before I had to leave.

  • Julie
    5 years ago

    Thanks for this. I completely relate. I even worry that thinking too much about whether I might get a migraine could raise my stress levels and trigger a migraine. Then I worry about my worrying!

  • elainede
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the article. Sounds just like what life is like for me. I will add one small piece of advice: I have made a 100% correlation between eating beans containing Calcium Chloride and migraine. This is present sometimes in just a can of whole beans that you would think would be safe.

  • Elara moon
    5 years ago

    After reading a book on migraines I took more notice with food triggers. I did notice lentil beans are a trigger. Such a bummer I miss them. Fresh baked bread the yeast, cheese, wines, msg a major one and very tricky. food coloring and aspertane. I gave up chocolate for a ling time but I have found I can eat it in small amounts and not get a headache. If I go over the threshold I will trigger one.

  • Elara moon
    5 years ago

    Last night after reading blog. I thought i will start tomorrow with my days. As for today I’ve already taken my max of zomig spays and pain pills (vicoprofen) I’m aware of rebound headaches FYI. I was looking in my purse last night and saw lots of my zomig I can’t live without. Extra inhaler for my son, all the rest of the stuff woman tote around. And I thought if someone asked me to unload my purse and take a photo they would be puzzled at my medication stash.

    But I’ve also been dealing in lots of pain in my back for years. Finally find out I have some disc protrusions and wear. But the pain I get it very distinct and patterned over the years. In combination of other symptoms. I’ve suspected fybromyalgia for years and at times I’ve thought I’m crazy, but yesterday my neuro informs he he’s suspects it’s a possibility. All on his own, nothing from me suggesting. Even though I’ve asked in the past. So mentally just hearing that makes me feel better., a validation feeling. I’m learning what I can and can’t do. I didn’t know my discs were wearing until I had MRI of spine I’ve been abusing my back lifting and bending, carting etc as I’m in the antique business. All I know is the simplest tasks I suffer for and it doesn’t make sense.

    As for my chronic migraine this morning I wake up. No pain and I think I got restorative sleep for once this week last night. My body wakes up in pain and takes a while for me to want to get out of bed. Most days There is no luxury of staying here in bed on a heating pad and stretching and guzzling my caffeine listening to music on headphones. It all powers me up. I can only do that once a week when husband is home and my kids (young) are at the local home school for a few hours. Otherwise I stumble out of bed in pain every step and it takes few hours for me to walk around not feeling 300 years old.

    Today I’m planning my energy and physical pain carefully. I run my own antique business which I’m behind on this month getting inventory out because of the pain. I’m planning to price and box a lot of work. Schedule 2 young boys I know to come work with me a full day taking inventory to shops and moving things around all day. That will take time. I’m prioritizing myself for once not the business. I’ve also been asked to help run an estate sale again this weekend. Last weekend I got overheated no ac there and it caused pain flare up.

    I’m too young 38 to feel the way I do now and it scares me. I’m done with all the epilepsy drugs, heart meds, etc.
    finally by accident I found the zomig spray which keeps me almost put of bed. My period headaches are the worst they are only dulled with meds. If I wake up with one started it’s always too late. But if I listen to the voice in my head that says yes it’s true.. Another headache is coming and take it it saves my life. It acts faster too sometimes only 1 hour (not 2-4 as others before) no side effects besides nasty taste I can spit out that’s short acting. I can’t tell you how many abortives I’ve tried. Insurance only pays for 6 a month. I’ve had to buy some from walgreens pay 365.00 for 6 doses. My neuro informed me I can order some from Canada. And I have, paid 427.00 for 18!!! I need to have enough zomig or I have nothing but suffering pain that makes you want to die.

    Perhaps another subject you can write or ask about is migraine med costs, insurance and ordering rx online. I’ve had only positive experiences so far.

    I’m waiting for the FDA approved headband reviews to start rolling out too. I’d like to try that also as a preventive.

    My new choice of treatment is massage therapy for my body. I just recently used it and it was mind blowing how much it helped. I’m also going to try chiro and accuputure. I got 2 rx orders for massage and accuputure. Even if insurance doesn’t help I will at least stick with massage. Eating clean losing more weight. Anything to help my body. I can’t live as I am now. I’m in too much pain.

    Ps yesterday I saw a woman wearing sunglasses inside walgreens which I often do. I feel so alone and use to feel weird doing it. I wondered if she suffered too from migraine. As I never ever! See others wear sunglasses inside stores.

  • annm
    5 years ago

    Thanks for this blog, it helps to know that I am not alone with these all-consuming thoughts. It is a constant, daily, inner thought process of “Will I” or “Won’t I”. Which that alone can be a trigger!
    Blessings dear ones, be well!

  • Bonnie Troop
    5 years ago

    Janet, you and I have great minds that think alike on the subject of bananas. Bananas are the basis of all great smoothies. And, no matter how nauseous I might be from a migraine, and yet need protein and nourishment, I can always drink a smoothie. A banana-smoothie is my ‘go to’ migraine food. A world without bananas would be well, maybe more bananas than all our migraines, if possible. Anyway, I have enjoyed this and other appealing (banana pun intended) articles you have written. Thanks!

  • Laur
    5 years ago

    Today I bonked heads with another player at soccer; I am not one to cry from pain. It was the slightest bonk and wasn’t even painful but I cried because of the fear of what was to come. The fear is so debilitating and overwhelming at times, you work so hard to avoid a migraine attack or even to know what pain free is again and then you have to live on fear that the stupidest thing could ruin it all.

  • mrst53
    5 years ago

    I thought I was the only one that worried like this. I worry about smells, I smell, lights,not having enough light, going thru spotty tree lights(like strobe lite)eating things that might have MSG or artificial sweeteners, etc

  • KatherineO
    5 years ago

    This is so familiar. I’ve been using a Cefaly since May and my migraines have gotten less frequent, but every day I think that maybe it’s just the placebo effect and maybe today the headache will get me. I notice the date and count the days since my last migraine. I go into a room with a hat prepared for overhead lights. And on and on. You are so right: Migraine is indeed something we may have to deal with at any moment.

  • msruff
    5 years ago

    Always lurking, always waiting – people don’t realize how pervasive migraines really are, even when we’re not in the middle of an attack.

  • beenawhile
    5 years ago

    This is me. I didn’t even have a “real wedding” (instead opted for the courthouse) because I knew a migraine could strike and ruin it all. I am writing with migraine right now. I’ve been in agony since 5:30am–throwing up, shaking, head throbbing, nausea. Next month my husband and I have a Paul McCartney concert to attend — tickets and hotel exceeding $1000. I am terrified of feeling like I do now and “having” to go to the concert. Can you imagine? Chronic Migraine is such a drag, and my parents are tired of hearing me talk about it, like I’m not really doing anything about it if it STILL is happening. Fortunately I have my husband who dotes on me when I am a wreck like today.

    Time to go loom over the toilet.

  • roseyposey
    5 years ago

    I agree. Reading this is like you are peering in my life. If I don’t have a migraine, I wonder why. The only problem is I am allergic to all the “triptan” drugs. I recently have tried Botox, as a preventative but am not sure that is working as well as the Dr. thinks it should. I am frustrated. If I had 3 wishes, one would be used to never experience another migraine. Best of luck to my fellow sufferers. I feel your pain!

  • Bonnie Troop
    5 years ago

    Hey Rosey Posey, I too cannot use the triptans because they don’t take my migraines away. I instead use Migergot Suppositories (also called Cafergot) to abort my migraines at any stage. And an ergot based medication cannot be mixed with a triptan for 24 hours concurrently. At any rate, the sublingual form of cafergot/migergot also did nothing to take my migraines away. I also use cold and heat to relax trigger muscles in the neck, along with chi gong/tai chi reduces pain always, cannabis takes nausea away. Just wanted to share with you what has, and hasn’t worked, so you might ask your doctor/neurologist if you can try this. Again, you cannot use a triptan until 24 hours after using an ergot based one.

  • Dee
    5 years ago

    Banana’s are a trigger for me and I love them and miss them. This article made me laugh and appreciate that I am not the only one having weird thoughts pertaining to migraines. Even on a subconscious level my “migraine radar” is on. Should I risk this? I shouldn’t eat that.. should I go out?…hold your breath so you don’t get a whiff of that strong fragrance…read labels when shopping to make sure no triggers are in there…I have to be so dubious of everything that I come into contact with since I have recently discovered new triggers (a lipstick of all things and a toothpaste). So I hear you. Migraine is always on my mind.

  • Guineverre
    5 years ago

    This is spot-on. The worries, and what ifs that come with a migraine, don’t go away even when you have a “good” day. The thoughts are always there.

  • sarals
    5 years ago

    So much how my life goes. I love your part about feeling like a weirdo having your sweatshirt up by your nose. I have done that so many times as perfumes and candles, etc. really bother me.
    One day my mom, daughter, and I were grocery shopping for me. I started to smell something burning, like a house fire smell (an aura I have had ever since our house caught on fire in 2005, kinda odd I know) I asked mom if she smelled it too or if it was just me. I didn’t know if I was getting a migraine or if something was indeed burning. She didn’t smell it at first but, a bit later she did, as usual I smell things first with my ultra sensitive nose. The store was handing out samples and whatever it was it smelled awful. It got so bad it was triggering a migraine fast and I knew I needed fresh air or I was going to be out for the day. I quickly listed of the last few items i needed. Luckily we were almost done and my mom said she’d pay and gave me the keys to her car. My daughter wanted to go with me so we went outside as quickly as we could, I didn’t want a migraine, and I hate the Imitrex injections. I seem to have permanent bruises on my legs due to them. We stood outside, my daughter crawled in the car, and I leaned against it as the late spring breeze felt wonderful. It seemed to be helping. I drank some water and it seemed I had barely avoided a migraine, at least for now….. Who knows what the rest of the day would bring. Storms were in the forecast for later in the day, so I may get nailed anyway. Barometric pressure changes, thunderstorms are major triggers for me and this Spring has been a Doozie for storms already. I guess we will see.

  • kmripple
    5 years ago

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, how much migraine is a part of my thought process every day even though I don’t for the most part have migraines that knock me down and render me totally useless.

    It starts when I awake. Does my head feel heavy, are my nerve endings on fire, is light sensitivity bad or am I dizzy when I open my eyes? Yes, no? How bad is it? I get up and see if it gets better or worse.

    Grab a cup of coffee and try to wake up. Am I understanding my children and hubby, can I get my thoughts across without long pauses and silences, am I snappy and irritable, am I feeling totally overwhelmed with my every day morning routine before going to work? There are different levels so I try to gauge where I am at.

    Time to leave the house and go to work! I can’t drive to work, so I have to round up the kids and hubby. As soon as I walk out the door, I take inventory of how I feel again. Are my arms going numb, do I feel dizzy and have difficulty communicating, is my vision hinky/blurry? In the car, how car sick am I feeling, can I follow conversations, do I feel like the cars from the other lanes are invading our lane (the more messed up I am, the worse it is). About 25 minutes later I get to work and hopefully symptoms will pass in a short while. Even on most good days I get motion sickness in the car but I can recover quickly after most times.

    Need to start work and depending on the day, I could already be considerably tired. Next evaluation is a bit after I get to work. Have symptoms diminished or are they the same? Can I see the computer screen or are words blurry? How clearly am I thinking? Am I dizzy or feeling very slight vertigo? Can I get my words out in a coherent sentence? At least my coworker know when I am not feeling good and takes it in stride, she just lets me be and adapts to my cognitive level without making a fuss.

    If I go back to better, or on good days, there are the occasional brain farts fleeting moments of dizziness and head pounding I live with every day. Those don’t bother me so much, I’ve learned to live with them and I can still go about my day while being highly functional.

    During bad days I just try to observe dispassionately how symptoms change and fluctuate in intensity (well, I’m seeing words on screen double, but at least my thoughts are a bit clearer, or the vertigo has dissipated a bit, and on and on and on…) The worst part is when I am required to talk about issues with the boss or coworkers and I can’t think coherently. In those cases, I have decided to be honest and unapologetically explain I have a migraine and my thought process is a bit slow, so I will try to express myself as clearly as possible. Again, my coworker is a saint and she will help me out whenever possible.

    This is all at work. I haven’t even gotten to the ride back home, which can make me feel sick all over again during a good day or just be as miserable as the rest of a bad day. But I won’t bore you anymore. I think you get the picture.

    Glad to know I am not the only one doing this on a constant basis. The more days I have with minor symptoms, the easier it is to relax and not obsess. But when I am having a bad week, like now, then I really have this going in my head all the time.

    Wishing everyone a good day.

  • GinaD
    5 years ago

    That is my day exactly. I want to eat this granola bar because if I get too hungry, I’ll get a migraine – but what if the chocolate in it gives me migraine? I want to make plans after work next Tuesday – but I’ll probably have a migraine by the end of the day so maybe lunch plans are better? I want to go to the home goods store on the way home, but the candle section is so fragrant I try not to breathe while I’m in there – gotta be quick about it – but the smell stays on my clothes so now I’m worrying that it’ll trigger a migraine. Do I have my meds? Did I take a triptan yesterday, so maybe I should skip today? But if I wait too long, will it be too late to treat? On and on and on…

  • MissAllie
    5 years ago

    I feel like you are sitting on my shoulder. People just don’t understand. I’m leaving in a world where no one understands the pain and fear that I’m living in. I’m looked at as if I’m doing it for attention or to get out of doing things.

    I don’t carry my pain meds with me because I can’t take them and function at work…so I suffer at work so that I can take them when I get home…thus this is probably the reason that when I do get my migraines, they last for days and days, or even weeks.

    Take care & thanks for your blog!!!

  • Bonnie Troop
    5 years ago

    MissAllie, You are far from alone. Welcome to our migraine community, where everyone understands your pain because we too have suffered. There is much to learn here at and a highly recommend delving into the articles to find your own new ways of managing your migraines better. Never give up on trying new things as there is so much information offered here for you, your doctor, and your family to discuss and learn. Welcome to our community, we’re glad you’re here!

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