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Dealing with other chronic diseases on top of migraine (psoriasis)

Like many migraineurs, migraine disease is not the only health issue I deal with. For years I’ve been struggling off and on with either chronic fatigue immuno deficiency syndrome or something that mimics it, and I’ve been dealing with other chronic pain and skin issues since I was a kid.

The other day I met with a friend who’s a health expert, and she said that she knows a handful of people who deal with chronic migraine and psoriasis.

It can be hard to think of myself primarily as a migraineur (when I’m thinking of my health-persona) and then remember that I have other health concerns I need to take care of as well. Do any of you with multiple diagnoses feel that way? That one disease or illness becomes your primary health issue while the others take a backseat?

Very often I need to remind myself of the need for holistic care. That a health problem (or a health success story, for that matter) doesn’t exist in a vacuum, that our body acts as an ecosystem unto itself and that if one issue is rearing its ugly head, chances are there may be flare-ups in other areas. I think of my friend and colleague Teri Robert’s wonderful article here.

It’s no wonder that my psoriasis was at its worst ever at the same time I was really stressed, not exercising regularly, and having more migraines than usual as a result of car-accident-inflicted neck pain. Even though the migraines are far more debilitating than the psoriasis outbreaks, I had to make an effort to take care of my entire system.

After some prescriptive treatment and lifestyle shifts, my psoriasis has vastly improved (thank goodness) and I’m feeling a little more calm in my daily life. I am hoping that this leads to fewer migraines, too.

What do you think? When you improve a non-migraine health issue, are your migraines affected?

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  • blueangel1980
    4 years ago

    Ijust got a referral for a rheumatologist. They think my psoriasis is causing my migraines. Didn’t make s whole lot of sense but waiting to see if this is the relief I need.

  • johnwhitehouse
    7 years ago

    I have ADD, and Herniated disk(causing muscle spasms). I also have migraines and like you my migraines are so severe I find myself saying no i cant help you move becaue of a migraine more than i do over myy back. my back should be my concern when helping people with lifting an dmoving stuff, but my migraines affect all aspects of my life. cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.. get behind and when i recover fromamigraine i barely catch up and then anothe rone hits. My job is keeping ht ehouse now that i lost my latest job because of a sever migraine(so bad didnt call in didnt care baou t my job) so my wife got a job and now i get the pain from migraines and the bad feeling of making my wife support me when it should be the other way around.

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