Do you wait or jump on treating a migraine attack? We asked, you answered!

While some of us treat a migraine attack as soon as we experience the first symptom, others try to wait it out to see if it’s going to be a bad one before taking anything. We wanted to know what you do when you have a migraine on the horizon, so we asked you to respond to the following question: Are you an early jumper or a waiter? How do you decide when to treat your migraine?

Nearly 100 of you replied! Here’s what you had to say!

I’m a waiter!

  • I'm a waiter.
  • I wait and regret it every time.
  • I wait until its horrible - only some get horrible.
  • I try to wait, but the pain gets so severe that I have to take something.
  • I usually wait until it's too late, as I don't want to waste my abortive medications if I don't get the migraine.
  • I’m a waiter. I always kind of wonder if it really is migraine this time...and it always is. I know because it never ends without a triptan.
  • I'm a waiter too because I'm on topomax and imitrex upsets my stomach so much that I will wait until I can't stand it.
  • I am a waiter, or I often choose Advil over the toradol, but then it is too late.
  • I’m a waiter - I have denial. I would think after 18 years I would jump on it but always trying to save my meds.
  • Unfortunately, I tend to wait. What's that about? I need to take control and use my pain meds early.
  • I usually wait. Since starting almotriptan, they have not been bad, but I get silent migraines with some auras now.

Insurance or having a limited number of pills impacts my decision on when to treat

  • I'm a waiter because of insurance.
  • I'm a waiter. My 9 pills a month could be gone in 5 days on a bad week.
  • I wait since insurance only gives me 9 maxalt tablets each month.
  • Unfortunately I am a waiter because insurance only pays for 9 pills a month.
  • I wait because I only get 9 Treximet pills per month.
  • I’m a waiter. I try to save my precious meds due to the fact I'm only allowed 9 per month.
  • I wait usually until it's too late. Insurance limits what kind and how many meds I can take.
  • My insurance limits the amount of migraine meds I can have each month, so I'm a waiter - or as my doctor calls it, a medicine hoarder.
  • I prefer to jump right on as soon as I feel it start. The indecision lies the fact that we are so limited in the number of abortives we are allotted.

I’m a jumper

  • WOW I am a jumper.
  • I’m a jumper, because waiting leads to an ER visit!
  • I just panic at the slightest chance of a migraine coming!
  • I’m an early jumper for sure! It's the crux of having a bad or not so bad migraine.
  • I jump to it. The sooner I treat, the more likely I can abort the migraine. Unfortunately it’s not always the case, but I like to think it's worth the shot
  • I've become a leaper! I've learned the wait does zero good.
  • I’m an early jumper for sure. If I wait, no matter what I take, my migraine will not go away or even ease up.
  • I've been a jumper for years, I have abusinesses to run, a child to raise, a home to care for… who has time to be down!?
  • I’m a jumper as soon as I feel it coming on. (I take sumutriptan.) If I don't, I risk not getting on top of it!

Sometimes I wait, sometimes I jump

  • It depends. Sometimes I wait to see if its one I will be able to deal with without having to take meds, but I do recognize when it is one that needs meds immediately.
  • It all depends on the severity of it. If is a slow creeper I wait to see where it's going but if I wake with one or if one slams me out of no where, I have no option other than grab the prescription bottle and head to my cave.
  • It depends on the situation. I generally always jump early with ibuprofen at least, but if I have to drive home or something, I will wait on the migraine meds because they can make me a little woozy.
  • It depends on the severity of the migraine & how many shots I have left.
  • I awaken every morning with a headache. I wait until I have my first cup of coffee to determine if I need medication or not! If the caffeine doesn’t work, I jump to my meds!
  • It depends - sometimes I wait and others I run for them. It’s tough to know what these buggers are up to.
  • It’s a bit of both. I jump in when I can tell it's going to be bad, but I wait if it's just the 'usual' chronic symptoms.
  • I've been both depending on amount of medication I have.

I’m a former waiter

  • I used to be a waiter but now I'm a jumper!
  • I’m a former waiter, current jumper.
  • I used to be a waiter, but now I treat at first symptom because I have learned that I end up in the ER if I do not.
  • I used to be a waiter but now I'm a jumper! It’s much better than waiting!

What about you? Do you treat your migraine attack as soon as you feel one coming on, or do you wait before treating? Share with us in the comments!

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