Help Migraine Research With a $1 Donation (Really!)

Having as many people as possible donate $1 each to the 36 Million Migraine campaign is vital to migraine research. This post is not a trick. I’m not going to draw you in then convince you to donate more money. Here’s why $1 donations are so important.

Migraine is so difficult to treat partly because there’s very little money available to adequately research potential treatments. The numbers are appalling:

  • 1/20th of 1% of the National Institutes of Health’s budget goes toward migraine research
  • NIH devotes $16 million a year to migraine research
  • $260 million a year is commensurate with the prevalence of migraine and its degree of pain, disability and burden on society and workplaces1

How can we convince Congress to increase the amount of NIH research funding for migraine?  By demonstrating how many of their constituents’ lives are affected by this disease and how many care about migraine research.

36 Million Migraine is more than a fundraiser -- it's also a campaign to say, "Hey, decision-makers, please fund research into the biology of and treatments for this serious, debilitating illness that can devastate lives!" Every person who donates is added to the tally to show Congress that vast numbers of people (and voters) will benefit from migraine research.

I really mean it when I say 36 Million Migraine needs $1 donations. This strategy has been highly effective for many other diseases, including epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. There’s no reason it won’t work for migraine, but we migraineurs must participate!

Donate $1 yourself and ask your friends and families to do the same. The number of people who donate could be considerably more valuable for migraine research than the total amount of money donated. In fact, having 5,000 people donate $1 each is ultimately more helpful for migraine research than having one person donate $5,000.

For just $1, you could help change the future of migraine treatment for you or your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Click HERE to donate today. (In the amount drop-down menu, choose "other," then type in $1.)

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