Don't mind the girl with her eyes closed at the concert

The other night, I went to this awesome concert with my dear, sweet daddio. We saw an amazing Beatles cover band here in Athens (they’re called Abbey Road Live) and had a really great time together.

To my relief, there were no strobe lights (those are present all too often at big rock shows, I’m afraid). There was no indoor smoking (thank you, Athens law), and the music was actually at a tolerable volume for me.

But the specialty stage lighting was awful for a migraineur.

There are gorgeous, sparkly lights that create quite the wow effect from far back in a crowd. But up close and personal, lights that swoop rapidly over the crowd and undulate with the music can be a nightmare for migraineurs. Often the swooping and flashing were cued in time with the rhythm of the drums as they reached a climax. These were the times the crowd was most riled up, so it made sense that the lights would match the audience’s and music’s collective fervor.

But those also were the moments when I shielded my brow with my hand, looked down at the floor, and then squeezed my eyes shut. As I was toward the front of a very crowded theatre, bathed in some of the spillover light from the stage, I’m sure I made a strange spectacle. But it was worth not having those lights in my eyes.

Do you have any experiences where you had to close your eyes in public or appear strange to others because you were avoiding a trigger?

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