Explaining Your Migraine

Because migraine symptoms are often not outwardly visible, it becomes difficult for those around you to understand what you are experiencing when you have a migraine. We asked our Facebook community how they explain migraines to friends, family, and colleagues, and what has and hasn’t worked. Here is what several of our community members had to say:

People who don't have migraine just don't understand

It’s not possible for others to understand

  • I have completely given up on explaining my migraine
  • I've stopped explaining, doesn't matter
  • I gave up trying to explain it to anyone....people who don't have migraines just don't get it
  • I no longer bother
  • You can't, they don't understand
  • I don't try to explain anymore. Those that matter try to understand, those who don't aren't worth my time
  • I don't even try to explain them anymore. It's too painful and I no longer have the energy to deal with the migraine pain and the pain of explaining

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Migraine is like having the worst hangover

It’s like a hangover

  • It's like a bad hangover without drinking the alcohol
  • It's like the worst hangover but without drinking
  • Imagine waking up from the mother of all frat parties and then getting run over by a truck…

Using colorful descriptions to explain migraine

It feels like…..

  • It feels like a consistent brain freeze
  • My migraine is like having an extra set of testicles at the back of my head and someone is banging them with a heavy hammer one by one
  • Put your head in a vise and squeeze it until you can't stand the pain. Then, pour boiling water on your scalp, and gag yourself with your finger until you vomit. That's about HALF as bad as my migraines
  • A cross between a stroke & MS
  • Someone stabbing me in my temple repeatedly.... or like hammering me in the head, but also there is that awful pain running from my temple curving around my ear and down the back of my neck
  • Sometimes feels like someone with a chisel trying to open my skull; sometimes feels like a hammer, or something trying to get out
  • It’s like having a fully loaded semi-truck park on your head for three days
  • I tell them I'd rather have my wisdom teeth out again

How would you explain your migraines? Please post in the comments!

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