FDA Approves Generic Zomig (zolmitriptan) and Zomig ZMT

The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved generic versions of AstraZeneca’s Zomig (zolmitriptan) and Zomig ZMT.  Zomig, which belongs to the triptan class of medications, is approved for the acute treatment of migraine with aura or migraine without aura in adults. It is not approved to prevent migraines or for treatment of hemiplegic migraines or basilar migraines.

Glenmark Generics Inc., Mylan Pharmaceuticals, and Impax Laboratories Inc. have indicated that production and shipment of zolmitriptan tablets and zolmitriptan orally disintegrating tablets will begin immediately. A generic version of Zomig Nasal Spray will not be available at this time.

Read more about Zomig including clinical trial results and important safety information.

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