Feeling like myself again

The other day I was in an excellent mood, flitting about the house getting things done, rearranging furniture, etc. As I had faintly suspected, this sense of euphoria and increased energy was a signal that the prodrome had set in. For a couple of days (and evenings) after that awesome night, I was pretty laid up and out of commission with Migraine.

Late in the evening on Tuesday--say, around eleven or so--I started to feel okay. I'd already missed a close friend's birthday get-together so felt a bit bummed out. Mainly I was relieved, though--the pain was lifting and I had a little bout of energy. I cleaned & rearranged my jewelry. I wrote a letter. I read a chunk of my book.

Wednesday I babysat for a few hours and, despite not having slept well the night before, I was happy and energetic with the kids. We played outside and I didn't once feel the need to lie down and rest. (A few weeks back, the six-year-old walked up to me shortly after I arrived at his house to sit. "Are you sleepy?" he asked me. "Um...not right now, no. Why did you ask that?" "Cause you're always sleepy," he replied in a sad voice. Wow. It's not as if I didn't know I felt run-down pretty often--it's that I'd thought that, in general, the kids saw me as an energetic, healthy person, not an "always tired" type. Hmm.)

Now it's Saturday at one in the morning, and my good mood, good spirits, and good health are all still going strong. I survived a big Thanksgiving Day (and night!) with some good friends and didn't get a migraine (!). Hours ago, the sunny and warm day turned into a chilly, rainy one, and my head didn't freak out as it usually would. Yesterday evening I had a few drinks and didn't wake up feeling extra tired or migrainey.

I've been engaging in activities I used to love but that have since fallen by the wayside due to my blah-ish indifference or my schedule--when so much of my time is taken up by Migraine, my non-sick times aren't usually spent on my goofy old habits. Here's a list of a few things I used to love doing but had kind of stopped until very recently (VERY recently):

1. played my piano keyboard, practicing notes and playing songs badly (I don't exactly have a formal piano education and can't play with two hands any better than a preschooler might--but it's fun!)
2. created many a paper craft, including a hand turkey, cut-out scissor crafts, and paper dolls
3. borrowed J.'s guitar and whipped out my cousin Bev's thirty-plus-year-old Mel Bay guitar instructional books
4. write letters to friends
5. hung lots of art & photos on the walls, art that had been sitting around for MONTHS waiting to be displayed
6. continued compiling my favorite photographs for a little photography portfolio
7. cleaned my silver jewelry (and some of the fake stuff, too, which appeared shiny and new again for about ten minutes before it re-tarnished--what gives?)
8. took a few long walks
9. snapped some photos of my neighborhood
10. made a cake (from the box--thank you, Duncan Hines)
11. repaired a beaded necklace my friend's cat chewed on and messed up approximately THREE YEARS AGO (it's been sitting around in plastic wrap since that fateful day I found it all torn up)
12. burned a CD of Costa Rica photos for my friend Rosa, a CD she requested I make in January 2008
13. sent a postcard to my cousin Laura--a postcard I bought and wrote in July 2007

+ more!!

Look at me, look at me! Now's the time when I indulge in a little fantasy about how this is how life will be from here on out. My migraines are gone for good, you see, and I'll NEVER BE SICK AGAIN. Awesome, huh? ;)

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