Fifth time’s a charm…right?

I've had the worst streak I've had in awhile. Sure, there've been days I've had some mild pain day after having been icky for a while prior. But today marks the fourth day in a row of having a moderate Migraine headache--and since I'm not supposed to take triptans more than two days a week, I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. (Sorry for the cliche--can you blame a half-wit like migraineous me for not coming up with original witticisms?)

You all saw how I bitched (justifiably, I know--thanks for the reassurance!) on Wednesday about that sudden Migraine headache. I had high hopes that I'd filled my quota for the week then, but no such luck.

Flying into Virginia Thursday was uneventful, but as soon as I was in the car headed from the airport to my our hotel, the sure-fire symptoms began. Took half of an Imitrex (despite the label's order not to split them, I figured I'd cut the 100mg pill and take around 50 mg, thinking that'd be enough to kill the headache) and lay down. The pain was mostly gone in an hour or so. The next day, Friday, I woke up with a headache again but pretended it wasn't there. After all, it was a spa day for my cousin, my aunt, my mom and me! Surely a massage and a facial would heal me right up. Wrong. The pain got worse at lunch, post-spa, and I popped the other half of that Imitrex.

I took a nap at my aunt's and woke up feeling headache-free but extremely groggy and antisocial--not good when there was a casual dinner party over here and I was trying to be much more animated than I felt. (I failed my own test.)

Today I felt bad again but couldn't break the rule even further--after all, Friday marked the third day in a row having a triptan, and I couldn't face the possibility of a rebound headache by taking another triptan. So...I took a nap, my third one in three days. Woke up feeling rested, but the pain returned and is sitting here now, running up and down the left side of my neck, behind my cheekbone, and behind my left eye. An old, obnoxious acquaintance setting up house once again.

I'm traveling. The weather is fluctuating greatly here in VA, and my period ended today. The pollen and allergens in the air are icing on the cake.

I can't wait to feel good again. I realize I ain't got nothin' on the chronic daily headache or Daily Persistent Headache folks, but man! I've had quite enough!

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