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The American Migraine Foundation (AMF) seeks to improve the lives of migraine sufferers by providing the resources needed to make significant advances in the understanding and treatment of migraine. The AMF collaborates and partners with foundations, corporations and individuals that wish to be a part of this goal. The AMF is the formal vehicle that attract funds to continue the program objectives that the American Headache Society (AHS) has advanced over the last 20 years. We develop educational programs for the medical community, award grants for research projects and for post graduate training.

Our Programs:

I. Physician Research Network:
We are developing a research initiative comprised of a nationwide network of American Headache Society members who cooperate to collect data and conduct research studies on a variety of clinical and services delivery issues.

II. Treatment Guidelines:
The need for evidence-based guidelines is well documented. Health care professionals in almost every setting require up to date treatment guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to make available a high standard of care for all patients.

III. Building Headache Care Centers:
The AMF has engaged a major business school to develop a business plan template for headache clinics in University settings. We believe that a properly run center can be a great asset to the University, to the community by providing state of the art care to the patients while also providing state of the art teaching to its students and residents.

IV. Increasing Migraine Awareness in High Schools and Colleges:
The diagnosis of migraine is often not made for many years after onset. We believe that with proper education migraine awareness will promote earlier and better migraine care. To do this we have begun a program with a major New York medical center to provide education to high school students on migraine. We hope to take this program nationally for use by many school systems. At the same time we are targeting college health care systems and have partnered with the leading college health association to provide care guidance to college infirmaries throughout the U.S.

The Foundation also seeks to identify the nation’s best migraine researchers at an early stage of their career and to provide them with funding to develop scientific programs of exceptional merit. We provide general grant support to both new and established investigators. With all of our award programs, our goal is to make a unique contribution that will accelerate the search for the cure of migraine.

Obviously, these projects need funding in order to be successful. We seek your support as well as the support of your headache patients and their families. Please consider a tax deductible donation to the American Migraine Foundation.

Contact us at or call the offices of the American Headache Society 856-423-0043.

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