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Today I went to the YMCA to swim for the first time in awhile. Had I not been walking frequently in the month I've neglected the Y, I might feel a bit embarrassed at not having visited the pool in so long. But I had to skip the Y for several weeks' time due to my being ill (can't be contagious at the Y!) and then because of the severe ear pain that accompanied my dipping my head even 2" underwater.

Today I went around 11 AM and was happy to find a whole lane open for me. I swam a bit but my goggles kept flipping off each time I did a flip turn (probably because I had them on pretty loose--tying them as tightly as I should hurts my head too much!). I gave up after a whopping ten or fifteen minutes and exited the pool. Would've dipped in the clean yet decrepit hot tub were an older lady not already in it. (I don't really want to make small talk while sitting in a 104-degree communal tub. Sorry, lady.)

In the car about to make my way home, I glanced in the mirror and noticed that my lower eyelids were super puffy. After a second I realized this was probably because of wearing goggles. Nearly twelve hours later, however, I look in the mirror and still see those bags under my eyes, bags that were NOT there when I woke up this morning. My face has felt stuffy since the swim, too--and here I'd thought I'd almost rid myself of this obnoxious cold/sinus infection for awhile. Ick.

Anyone ever have his or her head get really stuffy while swimming? The doctors I've seen recently didn't seem surprised at the fact that my ear hurts due to water pressure, but since it happened again today (post medical care) combined with my strange under-eye sinus puffiness, I'm wondering what else is up.

On a related note, I put my Y membership on hold for a few months. (This means I won't pay the monthly fee 'til I start going again, and I won't have to pay a joiner's fee when I start going to the Y again. Not that I paid the joiner's fee in the first place--had that waived for no other reason than that I asked!) I have really been enjoying my walks, and they seem to be a better use of time. By the time I drive to the Y, change into my suit, swim laps, change back, drive home, shower, and change again, I could have walked out my door and around the neighborhood for over an hour. Given the choice, I choose FREE.

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