Goodbye, Night Owl

If you know me, you know I love to sleep. Ever since I got on a regular sleep schedule and noticed what a profoundly positive effect it had on my health. (My daytime fatigue is all but gone these days, and I very rarely take naps, which used to be part of my daily routine.)

It’s hard sometimes needing to call it a night when friends are just getting rolling, but I never regret being cozy in my bed, tucked in a reading by my self-prescribed bedtime.

All that said, I sometimes miss the old life. When I was in my mid-20s and in graduate school, I was a super-duper night owl. I’d stay up til 3 AM on a regular basis, working on papers, playing on Myspace (remember Myspace?), reading, and goofing off. Usually I was up late by myself at home, but there were also the magical late-night get-togethers in Athens that brought me into nearby living rooms, drinking PBR while friends played guitar and sang. Though they weren’t regular occurrences, I miss the late-night dance parties down the street and I miss hanging out with my bartender friends til last call, waiting for a cab to arrive safely to take us home.

As I write this it strikes me that maybe what I miss is what a lot of people my age miss about being in their early- to mid-20s. Perhaps leaving these memories behind has more to do with my getting older than it does with my getting wiser in taking care of my migraines.

Whatever the case may be, I know that my migraines are better kept under control when I keep a regular sleep routine. Do I wish I’d had a better grasp on that concept when I was living my night owl life? Perhaps. But perhaps it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Are there things you miss, things you’ve given up or changed in order to take better control of your migraine? Or are there things you can no longer do because of the severity of your illness? Share here and let us know how you feel and how you cope with these lifestyle changes.

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