Great, overarching NY Times article on Migraine

I just searched The New York Times website for any articles related to migraine. Here's what I found: a very well-written, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow article on the disease. This could be a good resource to give to coworkers or friends who are curious to know more about Migraine but might not want to read an entire book.

And speaking of books: my copy of The Migraine Brain arrived today. I think I'll start it now. Also of note? I ordered the much-talked-about Sinus Buster Migraine Headache Nasal Spray. I want to try it now and see if it's as hard to inhale as it sounds--I mean, there's a lot of PEPPER in there going up your nostrils! I'll wait 'til I have a Migraine attack, though. I'll keep you posted with feedback.


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