Green snot alert

Gross title, I know. But apt if you were to step into my life this very day.

I've had a cough/cold/stuffy head for over two weeks now. We all know I get angry about my own (and others'!) lack of health insurance, but at times like this that anger really flares up. I am confident that this is a cold. I am not being helped much by over-the-counter medicines and, now that the cold seems to be morphing into a sinus infection, I feel that I may soon want a doctor's help/antibiotic prescription. But I won't go to the doctor for this. First off, I don't have a general practitioner anymore. Used to have one but, as per UGA policy, I can't go see her now that I'm not affiliated with the university. Alumni not welcome. Wah. Never bothered getting another GP because, well--I had no insurance and no inclination to drop a few hundred bucks to see a doctor just so I could establish a relationship with him/her.

So now I'm green-snotted and stuffy-headed. Sinus infections can be extra obnoxious for us migraineurs, as we're oft used to having stuffy heads related to migraine attacks. Stuffy heads can lead to migraines or be a side effect of certain stages of migraine. I don't want my stuffed self to turn into stuffed-and-migrainey self. So far so good, but still.

I'm so mad that I can't call up a friendly doctor and say, "Hey there, this is your patient, Janet! What's going on? Listen, I'm feeling icky and think I might have a sinus infection. Could you be old-fashioned-doc for a sec and call in a prescription for me? Oh, you can't? That's okay--how about I make a drop-in visit to your office this afternoon. Cool? Cool."

Last time I made a doctor's appointment I was told it'd be over TWO MONTHS 'til I could get in to see the doctor. That two months is almost up--I have my appointment with this guy in mid-December. Many an Athenian has told me he can work wonders with migraineurs, focusing on lifestyle changes. I love a good holistic doctor who's not a quack--this guy is supposedly the real deal. I'll drop a couple hundred with fingers crossed and get back to you. It's gotta beat the rude service and hyper-prescribing tactics I ended up encountering at my neurologist's office.

Scratch that: EX-neurologist. I think I may have forgotten to mention that I dumped him a month or two ago. Yay, me! I gave him and his office a chance to keep me, but they didn't seem to give a crap. Alas.

Anywho. The 15+ day cold isn't much aggravating my head, though a big cough can certainly give me a burst of mild head pain. Ick.

I'm off to blow my nose. Jealous?

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