Staying in Touch with Greeting Cards Despite Migraines

Do you ever feel that Migraines have stolen your memory or organizational skills? I don’t know if Migraines have really done that to me, but it certainly seems that way sometimes. I used to be really good at remembering to send birthday and holiday cards. USED to be.

If this is a problem for you too, I have a system that you may find helpful. Hit a card shop in late December or early January, and buy cards for as many occasions as you can. Cards for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, and other occasions that occur later in the year won’t be available, but Christmas cards will be on sale, and you can buy birthday cards any time.

How to make this system work:

  • Make a list of people to whom you want to send cards on birthdays and other occasions. If you organize your list by date, you’ll have a master list to check off during the year. List the people and cards for each month on a separate page. If you put addresses on your list, it saves you looking them up when the time comes to mail the cards.
  • Go to a card shop and buy as many of the cards you can for the people and occasions on your list.
  • While you’re out, stop at one of the “dollar stores,” K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or somewhere similar and buy a portable file box and some file folders.
  • Mark 12 folders for the months of the year.
  • Put the cards you bought in the appropriate folders. If the people the cards are for aren’t likely to move, you can go ahead and address them so they’re ready to put a stamp on them and mail them. Those that won’t be mailed are easy. Go ahead and write the names on the envelopes.
  • Mark your monthly lists to indicate cards you still need to buy. Place the lists in the monthly folders with the cards.
  • Each month, take a look at your list and your folder for the month. Then you can get the cards you still need and get them all sent or given.

This system can be customized to optimize it for your use. Lists can be created and maintained by hand or on your computer. I prefer to maintain mine in a spreadsheet because it’s easy to add to or make changes to the lists. It also saves rewriting the lists each year.

This type of system not only helps with organization, it helps us get cards out even if we’re having a difficult time with our Migraines and can’t get out to a card store. When Christmas cards and cards for other holidays are purchased in January, we can address them as we have time and feel well enough to do it. We give ourselves a gift in doing this too — the gift of feeling great about getting cards out to the important people in our lives without the stress of rushing at the last minute.

Migraines can be very isolating. It’s difficult to maintain relationships when Migraines are chronic and prevent our spending as much time with friends and family as we might like. Greeting cards are a great way to keep in touch and let people know they’re important to us.

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