Happy days are here again

I don't know to what I owe this good fortune, but I have been feeling really well. Even when I have had a Migraine attack in the past month or so, its effects haven't lingered for days as they usually do. It's a strange and unfamiliar feeling, this sense of health and well being even one day after an attack. Usually I feel groggy and lethargic.

Is it the fact that I'm going off the Zonegran, a happy change I've documented numerous times on this blog? Is it that I'm anticipating a career change (though one marked with lots of stress that's far in the distance anyway)? Is it that I have Petadolex running through my system at all times, the butterbur and the extra B2 doing their work to make me feel well and energetic? As it is, I already take 400mg of B2 a day (that's over 23,000 times the RDA). There are 200mg in each Petadolex pill, so at 3 Petadolex capsules a day that means I'm having 1000mg of B2 each day! That probably has a lot to do with it, eh?

The great thing about Petadolex is that even if it's working due to a placebo effect, it's still making me feel good. And you don't need a prescription to get it, either, which makes me feel more powerful somehow. (No driving three miles late at night to dish out hundreds of bucks for a drug that pharmaceutical companies could make much less expensive if they only chose to.)

This entry is self-serving and rather pointless in most ways, but I would like to preserve it just to have a little snapshot of how great I feel. I wish the same for you.

In other news, this month's headache blog carnival posts in a few hours' time! I'll put a link to it here. (My entry was written last week, but there'll be MANY other people's I'm interested in reading.)

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